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Jul 14, 2009 07:59 AM

Cinque Terre -> Lucca -> Montalcino-> Siena-> Chianti

This Friday I will be arriving in Cinque Terre and from there I will be going to Lucca, Montalcino, Siena, and then Chianti. With the exception of Lucca, I will be in each area for about 2-3 days. I would greatly appreciate any recommendations. Also, I was considering going to Gambero Rosso in San Vincenzo...any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Be sure to do "Search this board" searches for all the towns/areas you are thinking of visiting. Do one for Tuscany as well. You will find many helpful prior posts already here with a good number of useful recommendations. There have been many comments on these places over the past 6-12 months.

    1. Loved Lucca. It could use 2-3 days because the evening passagiata and the cafes of Lucca are so special. This is the place to get the authentic pane forte in the windows of all the cafes, which is hauntingly good. This is an elegant, wealthy city that has escaped the mass tourism which has altered too much of the rest of Italy. And that is why the passegiata in this town is so special.

      1. What a super to Siena myself a week on Sunday, can't wait. My suggestions for SIena would be Il Caroccio, Enoteca i Terzi, Papei (although some people say sometimes not as good as others), Il Campane and Nanini for coffee and panforte. Hope this gives you some food for thought and have a brilliant time.

        1. We have recently returned from Italy - one of our stops was Siena for 3 nights. We dined at Enoteca I Terzi the first night (had previously had lunch there) and were very pleased with the food and the service. Great wine list. The next night we were at Trattoria Papei - my husband says his Osso Buco was the best he has ever had. Was nice to eat outside but restaurant is large and very busy (a good sign). The last night we dined at Antica Osteria da Divo (quite near the cathedral). We went here on the recommendation of a guide at a winery and she was really correct in her advise. The dining room is romantic, the service great and the food was wonderful. Highly recommended but make a reservation (the day of seemed to be fine). Enjoy - wish I was eating in Siena tonight!