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Jul 14, 2009 07:49 AM

Culatello in Toronto?

I recently read about Culatello in a book I am reading and decided to read more into this rare find on the internet. I also read a few of the postings on ChowHound but see that there are no postings indicating that one can find this in Toronto...or Canada for that matter. I attempted to call Armandino's in Seattle as well as another place in Manhattan but neither are allowed to ship cross-border and neither could tell me of any place in Canada that sells is. While I was at Salumeria a couple of weeks ago, I asked them about it and they couldn't tell me where I might be able to find some. In fact, they asked me to tell them if I found anything out.

Does anyone know where I can find culatello in Toronto?

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  1. Having just gotten back from Emilia Romagna, I'm on the hunt for the stuff myself!