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Jul 14, 2009 07:23 AM

Dedicated Philly Chowhound Board

I always feel a little miffed when I go to the Chowhound menu and scroll past the DC/Baltimore board and select Pennsylvania to get my Philly food fix. I feel strongly that our food scene rivals DC/Baltimore easily. Nearly all of the traffic on this board is Philly and other PA posts get lost.

Nothing against the rest of PA--I know there is great food statewide--but is it time to get a dedicated Philly board? I mean Grub Street just came out with a dedicated Philly food blog.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. I agree - just look what happens when someone posts without a location (the free range meats post being the most recent)! And it is absurd that we can't post about S Jersey and Northern DE here

      2. A Philly metro-area board makes so much sense. South Jersey posts should be grouped with Philly.

        Anyone in favor should reply to this post so it gets the attention of the moderators.

        1. I agree. I think South Jersey should be included in a Philly-area board as well.

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          1. re: lawgirl3278

            I live in S. Jersey, about 9-10 miles to downtown Philly. In fact, I live far closer to the city than do most of my friends who live in PA. However, all discussions about restaurants in the NJ area closest to Phila have to go on the Mid-Atlantic board. Quite frankly most of the posting on the Mid-Atlantic board involve N. Jersey restaurants; I would guess at least 70%.
            On the weekend, it takes me no more than 10 minutes to get into the city...most of us who live here work in the city! Take a look at any shopping center in Cherry Hill on the weekend, and there are as many cars with PA plates as NJ plates. People go back and forth constantly. I have friends in the city who often take the high speed line to eat in Collingswood or Haddonfield. It is logical that a Philly board should include S. Jersey, just as it should include other PA suburbs. I'm a sales rep and eat out all over the Philly burbs in addition to the city. I like to know what's new and good throughout the area and use CH regularly to get this info.
            Let's hope that the moderators take into consideration now dense the area surrounding Philly is, and that PA and NJ people regularly shop and dine in each others states.

            1. re: mschow

              South Jersey belongs on the Philly board, please makes it happen, thanks.

            2. re: lawgirl3278

              As a life long resident of South Jersey, I never identify with the Philly area, why? Because I am from "down the shore" ya know the EAST coast, not the west area that all seem to think is "south" jersey .

              I just cannot see folks looking to a Philly group to see what is happening in coastal NJ, unless they were directionally challenged.

              Now if I could support a "Philly and suburb" area group, but please don't think that includes all of South Jersey.

              1. re: Quine

                I hear ya, and I'm sure that's right on the money for year-round residents in your area, but I can also think of a heck of a lot of Philly-area residents who are just there weekends and summers.

                I don't know what the breakdown is between locals and tourists for local restaurants in Jersey shore towns, but I'm pretty sure non-locals have to represent a decent percentage, right?

                Not disagreeing with you, really, just thinking out loud... I think everyone's intention is to have something that makes sense and is easily find-able for those that will use it, not to trample on your regional identity! :-)

            3. how many people should need to petition to get one right? its amazing....