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Jul 14, 2009 07:05 AM

similar restaurant ?

We were in Montreal last summer and had the greatest meal at Au Pied Du Couchon. Their entire menu consists of almost everything with fois gras and they had the most incredible "duck in a can." Does anyone know if there is a similar restaurant in NYC?

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  1. Au Pied Du Couchon is pretty unique as far as restaurants go! That's why it's famous, isn't it? :)

    But if you're looking for rich, decadent offal and game/unusual meats you do have some choices, but it's not "all foie gras all the time" the way Au Pied du Cochon is.

    I'd look into Picholine's game tasting menu, but I think it's only offered once a year (in the fall, I believe). I'd also consider joining the Gastronauts.

    As far as restaurants go...

    Momofuku Ssam - currently has snails, beef tendon, duck hearts (I think this might be gone already), a foie/pork terrine, crispy pig's head on the menu... Momofuku Noodle also often has offal on the menu.

    Craft - quail, sweetbreads, pork trotter, snails, guinea hen (they have more dependent upon the season)

    Bar Bouloud (and the new DBGB) both have an amazing in-house charcuterie program! Chicken liver pate, foie gras pate, rabbit terrine, head cheese terrine, pheasant and wild boar terrine, beef cheek, lamb terrine, guinea hen terrine, venison terrine, snails, boudin noir, and boudin blanc. Everything I've tried has been fantastic.

    Irving Mill - "pork toast," lamb ribs, lamb sausage, chicken liver mousse, boudin blanc, boudin noir, pig's foot, headcheese, pig ear

    Resto - boudin noir, pork toast, boudin blanc, boudin noir, headcheese, pig's head, you can also get them to do a large format feast for you with a whole poularde, goat, pig, etc. The Irving Mill chef used to cook here.

    Casa Mono - pig's feet croquetas, deep fried lamb's tongue, hearts, cock's combs, sweetbreads, foie gras, duck egg with mojama, bone marrow, duck, quail, tripe, confit goat

    Babbo - lamb's tongue, tripe, goose liver ravioli, lamb's brains ravioli, beef cheek ravioli, sweetbreads, duck, rabbit

    Fatty Crab UWS - goat brains, goat tongue, goat head

    Picholine - see aforementioned game tasting menu that happens every fall/winter

    Yakitori Totto - chicken liver, chicken gizzard, chicken heart, chicken knee, chicken neck, chicken tail, chicken oyster ("rare part of chicken thigh")

    Blue Ribbon Brasserie - sweetbreads, pigeon, bone marrow

    Prune - bone marrow, sweetbreads, I think they used to have monkfish liver, maybe not

    Kabab Cafe (one of my favorite places ever) - testicles (on occasion), beef cheek, lamb's brains, duck liver, etc.

    Xian Famous Foods - "lamb's face" cold salad

    Chez Napoleon (old school French restaurant) - kidney, calf's brains, rabbit, quail, frogs legs, sweetbreads

    Despana (a spanish grocery store) - carries a lot of great products like jamon iberico, blood sausage, preserved fish roe, various forms of seafood in tins preserved in oil/sauce, and they often give out free samples.

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        That is a good list! I would add that Convivio has a lot of offal appetizers - duck hearts and lamb tongues, if I recall correctly.

      2. re: kathryn

        kathryn, that's a really great list! I've tried a number of those spots but now I have many more places to add to my list of offal spots.

        One addition - Trestle on Tenth (Austrian spot with crispy duck necks, lamb saddle, calve's liver)


        ps. I especially love everything at resto.

          1. re: scoopG

            Still remember the Plogue à Champlain @ APC, unfortunately there is no similar dish in NYC.

        1. re: kathryn

          I am a huge fan of Au Pied de Cochon in Montreal. See my mentions of it on where I compare APC to two pig's feet dishes I had recently at Hakata Ton Ton and Cabrito. Also I'd recommend Gascogne for foie gras.