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Jul 14, 2009 07:03 AM

KL: Char siew discovery

Discovered a new char siew place today called Soon Fatt Roasted Duck, located in Jalan Pasar, just down the road from Wentworth hotel. Opted for half fat-half lean (to appease high cholesterol conscience). Char siew was nicely charred (especially the crispy ends), glistening in sticky sauce and was served with extra sauce & cucumber slices. The black pepper roast duck was also superb, crispy skin, juicy meat and not too salty. The normal roast duck was not special though, we ordered some for comparison. Thought it was a good alternative to the famous Alor place and Oversea, where the char siew can be too fatty sometimes. This place is a street side stall, best go early on weekdays (by half twelve). An idea would be to eat this char siew as an appetiser and then, proceed to the fantastic pudu roast pork (siew yook) place in the same neighbourhood.

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  1. Thanks for this rec. I always find KL char-siew streets ahead of those we get here in Penang. Will be checking this place out when I' m in KL next week.

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      Hi penang_rojak: I have been reading your posts and replies on Penang, KL and Spore eating places and am impressed with your passion and up-to-date info. I am heading back to the region for an entire month for some good eating arriving mid-October. Will be in HK, Spore, KL and Penang. I have info on HK, Spore and Penang under control, but I don't have a handle on KL. If you are going to be spending a week in KL just to eat and staying at a hotel, in which area of KL or PJ would you best situate yourself centrally for easy access to the best places places to indulge yourself? I am more interested in the local street food, not the fancy restaurants. I will not have a car but will be willing to take a short taxi ride in any direction!

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        Warning: Taxis in KL can be a nightmare - rogue cabbies who overcharge, refuse to use meters & selective about routes or destinations. I either drive myself around, or get my friends/relatives to drive us around.

        Luckily, foreign visitors who don't drive can depend on KL's 3 light rail systems: Star LRT, Putra LRT and the monorail to get around to quite a few parts of the city. They are easy to use, cheap and you don't get caught in KL's notorious traffic jams.

        The current hotels of choice for many visitors are the Hilton and Le Meridien, both situated in the Sentral rail hub. This location's in-between downtown KL and also near to satellite town, Petaling Jaya's upmarket Bangsar suburb, with its trendy Jalan Telawi/Jalan Maarof dining precinct.

        If you'd rather stay downtown, near the commercial Bukit Bintang area, you can choose from Grand Millennium, Marriott or the Ritz-Carlton - all mere minutes away from Jalan Alor (famous for its hawker stalls at night) and also local restaurants, some located in the large malls (e.g. Crystal Jade Chinese or Madam Kwan in the lavish Pavilion mall, or Shook, Enak, and many other restaurants in Starhill mall).

        Mandarin Oriental Hotel is located right at the Petronas Twin Towers & the gigantic mall. Quite a few eateries to be found there: House of Sundanese Food, Chakri Palace Thai, etc., plus a couple of large foodcourts with dozens of local food outlets offering Malay food, Chinese noodles, Indian curries, Western pizzas & burgers.

        All the above places can be reached via the light-rail transit network - your hotel concierge should be able to help.

        1. re: penang_rojak

          Thank you for your helpful insight on accommodation and proximity to food hot spots in KL/PJ. I was originally from Penang but have been across the pond for more then 30 years. Each time I head back, the only thing on my mind is eat, and talking and thinking of the next meal while indulging on the current! Proudly, I always have this belief that Penangites are a rare breed and proud of their food! What a way to enjoy a vacation! Thanks again.

          1. re: axthepond

            Great! Where have you been living all these years?
            I'm lucky, been in Penang most of my life except in Japan for 9-10 years back in the 80s. Now, I only visit Japan a few times a year. It's nice to be home. You just can't get real Penang food outside Penang, not even in Little Penang Cafe (Mid-Valley Megamall, KL) which is extremely popular amongst KL people.

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              Yes, Penang hawker food - not to court controversy but possibly the best anywhere...

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                I have been in the US since the early mid 70s, and has been in the San Francisco/Bay Area for 29 years. Spent an amazingly delightful 10 years relocated by work to Spore, France and Hong Kong - wonderful eating and traveling extensively in Europe and Asia. A passionate seeker for the best places to indulge, decor and ambience doesn't do anything for me, the food has to be good and authentic, and I would even squat and eat! You are right, you can't get "real Penang food outside Penang" although I do churn out one decent "char koay teow" from my own kitchen, so says my ever so deprived Penang friends! Can't really cooked in an American kitchen, I caved in and installed a restaurant quality wok stove and a commercial system to vent the kitchen, if not the entire house! From that day onwards, the ever elusive "wok hei" came to reside in every dish I place on the table! Thanks for your warning about "Little Penang", I will save my stomach for when I get to Penang. Would like to tap your epicurean expertise in eating well in Japan, not the typical sushi stuff but drinks-accompanying "izakaya" eats. Not sure if our back and forth Penang/food contemplations are relevant on this thread: I can be reached at and we can talk further.