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Jul 14, 2009 06:59 AM

must eats/best bets in Santiago de Compostela?

I've read the more general threads on eating in Galicia, and noticed a recommendation for tapas at O Bispo, but I was wondering what other restaurants/tapas bars/food shops/bakeries you might recommend.

What are the regional dishes.specialties that you've enjoyed the most in Santiago de Compostela?

Thanks for any comments you have!

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  1. Marcelo, it's worth a detour. Also, the market is great, grand mothers selling backyard grown veggies, homemade hooch, there's a cheese vendor who sells unpastuerized tetilla, also smoked tetilla, just great

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        There's also a wine bar, Vinoteca O'beiro @ Rua Raíña 3 that's worth a detour. Nice meats N Cheeses and they have a special homemade empanada. It's made with a rough corn dough and is quite tasty. You can also buy wine & orujo to go, the selection is amazing.

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          Oh, thanks for the rec, MOREKASHA- I'm really hoping to try a few empanadas gallegas while I'm in Galicia, so I'm happy you mentioned this!

    1. Definitely try some pimientos de Padron! Little peppers fried in olive oil... they are awesome.

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        Of course I do not recall the name of the place, but perhaps the best seafood I have ever had was a "mariscada" at one of the restaurants just below the cathedral square. Galicia is famous for its shellfish fisheries. An oil spill a few years ago caused extensive damage, but I understand that things are back to normal.

        The mariscada was a giant platter consisting of a HUGE variety of shell fish – razor clam, lobster, clams, shrimp (2-3 kinds), crab (2 kinds) – just steamed perfectly and served with lemon and butter. The supreme freshness and quality of the seafood made it unnecessary (nay wrong!) to do a more complex preparation. The Galician Albariño wine was the perfect accompaniment to this seafood feast. It is truly one of the most memorable meals of my life – relying entirely upon simple preparation of fresh, local ingredients, complimented by local wine.

        As I say, I do not recall the name of the restaurant. It was just off of the cathedral square in the direction OPPOSITE the market/pedestrian part of the city. There were three or four seafood restaurants within a block and we selected the one filled with local Spanish families enjoying a Saturday meal together.