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Jul 14, 2009 06:29 AM

A Weekend of eating in St. Pete

My friend and I decided to "treat" ourselves to a "staycation" and stayed in downtown St. Pete for the weekend. I'm so glad we did! We had amazing meals at great local places - here's the report.
On Friday night we had dinner at the Primi Urban Cafe. A quaint and friendly eatery. They focus on Italian food. I had the Gnocchi Gorgonzola with a side for the marinated tomatoes. The gnocchi's were light and airy. You can tell they were made with care as they were not gummy as I've had in the past at other places. The Gorgonzola sauce was delicious and the tomatoes in the salad were so fresh. My friend ordered the Bolognese after the waiter informed us that it had won a best of the bay award. Again very good. So we were off to a nice start.We walked down to Beach Drive to try the Gelato - Paciugo, very good!
On Saturday morning we grabbed something at the hotel since we had a spa appointment at Tranquility Day Spa (worth checking out). After a strenuous morning we went to Diner 437 - another wonderful experience. I had the strawberry salad with an addition of skirt steak... the salad was good but the steak was awesome!. My friend had the lunch special which was a beet salad with feta. She raved about it. We had only wished that we would have stopped in for dinner instead of lunch so we could of tried the duck fat fries (they serve them after 4pm). For dinner we tried Tables/Mesa. Another great experience... the food is influenced by Latin/South American touches - to start with we had the Pan De Yuca Short Rib Grilled Cheese - wow! I think I had found heaven. Such a nice compliment of flavors. My friend started with a house salad that had a wonderful dressing. She ordered the Venezuelen Salmon - done perfectly and I had the Argentinean Flatbread - I will say that my flatbread was a little soggy, but still flavorful. I would definitely try an entree next time.
On Sunday morning we tried to go to Savannah's in St. Pete after reading on their website they are open for brunch. After arriving to the resturant we found the doors locked. We did see someone setting up tables on the outside and asked about their brunch. All this gentleman said, "we haven't done that for awhile" we informed him of the incorrect information on the web - he just shrugged his shoulders and said we could come back when they open for lunch.
We ended up at ParkShore Grill. I honestly will say that I was a little disappointed. We ordered shrimp and grits. It was hard to find the shrimp in the thick batter (most of the shrimp and grits I've ever had the shrimp is grilled) and the grits were extremely greasy. I guess this was our fault as from what I am understanding is that Park Shore is known for their lunches and dinner and not so much on their brunch.
I'm happy that I was able to play tourist in my town for a weekend.

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  1. Thanks for the weekend report. I am a big fan of weekend staycations. We often don't realize what a great place we live in until we look up and see all of the visitors around us!
    We had dinner at Diner 437 on Sat night so we just missed you. It is my favorite new restaurant.

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      My wife and I were at Diner 437 Saturday night too! Terrific place. Had a great rib eye, awesome spinach, very good cauliflower soup. Was underwhelmed by the duck fat fries though; tasted like regular ol' thin-cut fries to me. I wasn't sure they were even fresh potatoes, but they assured me they were. We sat at the counter and found it very entertaining. The chef is very animated, offered us some of the leftover beets you apparently had for lunch, and a taste of the chopped chicken liver. I'll be back, because I want to try the lobster BT sandwich!

      1. re: Bergerman

        Glad to hear that. Will have to give them a try. Sorry to hear about the fries. I was looking forward to those. Had some up at Hot Doug's in Evanston, IL and they were great.

        1. re: Bergerman

          The Lobster BT is good but I was more impressed with the chicken sandwich. We also tried the tenderloin and I still liked the chicken the best. I am not a chicken sandwich girl but theirs is so good with the sauteed spinach and roasted tomatoes. YUM!
          I liked the duck fat fries but was more impressed with the garlic aioli that came with them than the fries. The fries are also good dipped in the sauce that comes with the gorgonzola bread. They have excellent choices in fat there!

        2. re: rhnault

          I agree - Diner 437 has been added onto my fav's list