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Jul 14, 2009 06:18 AM

Need help for tonight (birthday dinner) - Raleigh

Hi all! So sorry for lateness of posting, but I am trying to find a classy restaurant tonight for a birthday dinner.

Here are the requirements:

*One person wants steak - the other is vegetarian

*We live inside the beltline (but aren't opposed to traveling too far if there is a stellar recommendation)

*Have eaten at Mo's Diner, 18 Seaboard, and Fraziers recently, so would prefer other recommendations

Would love any recommendations..... Thanks a million!

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    1. re: RaleighHound

      Not unless you don't like the celebrant. Seriously, if you're happy with Mo's, 18 Seaboard, and Frazier's, Irregardless is not in the same class at all. I know from your previous posts, Tehama, that you know the local dining scene pretty well. Most good restaurants around here have both steak and veggie options. It may just be a matter of what you're in the mood for tonight.

      The first place that comes to mind for me is the Federal in Durham. It most certainly is not classy but I know they usually have both steak and veg options that are interesting, well prepared, and well priced.
      Have you considered Savoy in N. Raleigh? I haven't been yet but have heard good things about it and it fits the bill for classy. If your vegetarian accepts fish the menu looks pretty good.

    2. How about Bloomsbury Bistro? I believe that they are running a three course fixed price meal for only $50 per couple through August. I recently had a great meal here. I'm sure that they'll have a steak option, and I remember a few veggie appetizer and entree options, although you might want to check the menu first as they switch it up from time to time.

      1. I agree with Irregardless, or how about Thai? Shaba Shabu in Raleigh would satisfy both meat and veggie lovers. Lotus Leaf in Cary is also one of my favorites: the vegetarian should try the faux duck!

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        1. re: veganturtle

          The strip steak at Watt's Grocery in Durham is incredible. It's really a steak lover's dream. There's a nice char on the outside and tender meat on the inside. We've been there once every couple of months over the past year and a half and the steak has been consistently outstandling. They have great fries as well. They have a solid veg plate as well.

          The steak is well worth a drive across the Triangle. It's that good.

        2. Sitti doesn't have an actual steak, but they do have charred meat on the menu and a vegetarian should be in heaven. As a plus it is inside the beltline.

          1. Vinnie's on Six Forks. Great steaks, good pasta, eggplant parm is good, salads and apps. My wife is vegatarian and she always has good selections.

            Nice ole skool vibe for special occasions