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Berger Cookies in Northern Virginia?


I am from just north of Baltimore, MD, where Berger cookies are pretty easy to find.

I will be moving to the northern Virginia area (Centreville) and was wondering where, if any place, would I be able to find Berger cookies in the area?

If anybody has any ideas, then it would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. All the Costco in MD carry them in bulk, so you may want to check the NoVa stores. Although since the cookies are so laden with chocolate frosting, their weight may cause them to sink to the bottom of the Potomac in transit... :-)

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      Berger cookies freeze extremely well, so that is a good option for Costco members.

      Otherwise, the Italian Store in Arlington has Berger cookies, as well as Martin's chips, another Baltimore favorite.

    2. This isn't NOVA, but Wagshal's in Bethesda has them.

      1. I will be traveling from the Centreville area to BWI airport over the weekend, and was planning on parking in a lot on West Nursery Road.

        It looks like there is a Royal Farms nearby in Linthicum Heights, MD. Does anybody know if they sell Berger cookies? If not, is there a known place nearby that does sell them?

        1. What exactly are these cookies? I went on their website but they didn't have much of a description and the picture was a little blurry.

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            From Wikipedia: "It is a buttery vanilla wafer topped with thick creamy chocolate."

            The chocolate fudge on top is usually just as thick (if not thicker) than the cookie part itself, and they are delicious!

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              Yes, as RetawGnirps says, they are a delicious vanilla cookie with thick chocolate frosting. Basically the typical frosting-to-cookie ratio is inverted with a Berger cookie, which sounds like it would be awful but they are delicious. If you are a chocolate lover, they are a must-try.

            2. It's been a few years since I lived in NOVA, but the Italian Store in Arlington on Key Highway often had them. Give them a ring to see if they're still in stock.

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                I was at the Italian Store just this weekend, and they had plenty of Berger Cookies in stock. Also, Rocklands Barbeque in Alexandria occassionally has them (suggest calling ahead for this one).

                The Italian Store
                3123 Lee Highway
                Arlington, VA
                (703) 528-6266

                Rocklands Barbecue
                25 S. Quaker Lane
                Alexandria, Va
                (703) 778-9663

              2. I just called my uncle, who has the license to sell Bergers Cookies under the name Chocolate Top nationally. (Bergers had no interest in broadening their reach themselves.) My uncle said they are in Harris Teeter in D.C. and will "very soon" be in northern Virginia Harris Teeter and Sam's Clubs. This is what the packaging looks like:


                (Yes, I get them free!)

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                  whoo-hoo -- very exciting! although it's probably not good to have them so easily accessible. Thanks for the info!

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                    We found Berger Cookies (with that brand name) this past weekend at the new Harris Teeter in Rockville (oops, I mean "North Bethesda"!).

                    1. re: Bonz

                      I live in Silver Spring and buy Berger's cookies at a little local market on Seminary Road called Sniders. (They also carry Green's rugalah and babka ---- two more addicting treats!)

                  2. Berger cookies are now available at the Giant in Falls Church, VA. I had never heard of them before and bought them out of curiosity.

                    1. I saw them last week at the Giant on Washington Boulevard in Arlington. After reading this thread, I may have to try them.

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                      1. re: Mulan

                        You'll have to review them. I can't decide whether they live up to the hype. The chocolate frosting is a little overwhelming to me (a cross between fudge and frosting, and very thick), and the cookie is a little underwhelming.

                        1. re: jennylauren

                          I totally agree. I tried these last week out of curiosity, but the frosting to cookie ratio was way too high for me. I'm going to give the rest away to my neighbors.