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Jul 14, 2009 12:52 AM

I would like to eat one Bistecca

Where is the absolute best bistecca on my route?

Here are my parameters:

-- Staying several nights near Lucca -- rental car -- daytripping around there. (daytripping close by, not to Siena [for example]

-- Driving ovver to Florence to catch train. One night in Florence.

-- Two nights in Bologna.

-- My wife will share so bistecca for two no problema.

Thx for any tips...

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  1. Hi there!

    Well just my advice, Florence is the best place to find a good bistecca, its called the Florintina...its the best steak I've ever had in Italy!

    Good eating and safe travels!

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    1. re: EricaNew

      The correct name is Bistecca alla fiorentina and not "Florintina".

      1. re: PBSF

        Thx guys. I'm aware of the name of the dish, and even the breed of cow!

        What I'd like to know is if I'm going to eat it out once somewhere between Pisa and Florence is there an exemplar of the dish to be had -- i.e. some place that gets the best beef and cooks it perfectly etc.

    2. Sostanza in Florence is widely regarded as serving a very good bistecca. Here is a link to more info:

      Lucca is a wonderful city to visit. Be sure to do a "Search this board" search for Lucca and you will turn up a good number of prior posts. Trattoria da Leo (for lunch) and Buca d'San Antonio (for dinner) are recommended places to go in Lucca.

      Link to NY Times article on dining in Lucca:

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      1. re: DavidT

        Thx for Sostanza. Very helpful. We'll be there Sat night so guess we should try to reserve.

        We've been to Lucca a couple times but I'd forgotten about that NYT article. Will check out the penultimate trat, which I haven't been to before. (Da Francesco)

        Revisted La Mora the other day for lunch. Maybe the food has slipped a slight slight notch (if you want to be picky) but that garden is so delightful, and the service so fantastic, it's really one of my favorite restaurants.

        Also hadn't really searched the board for Lucca. Was relying on past faves but got several new tips.

        We're staying right near La Cecca -- anyone know if that's still good?

        Is Il Vipore worth checking out? I like the former chef's NYC food but guess that's not relevant to Il Vipore at this pt...

        1. re: Jack Barber

          Cesare Casella left Il Vipore for New York City at least 13 years ago. My wife & I ate there in 1996, not too long after he left for NYC. I recall the food being good. It is in a very nice spot in the hills above Lucca, with a view down over the city and surround area. It might be worth having lunch on the patio there on a sunny day, assuming they do serve lunch. I would certainly call before heading up there. It is not easy to find.

      2. Vescovino in Panzano and Sostanza in Florence are, arguably, the two best sources for bisteca in Italy. Both of have been written about at length on here-apologetically, but often, by me.

        1. Local source is directing us to Perseus as the best, north of Centre just off Piazza della Liberta; we hope to go there at the end of the month for same and will report.

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          1. re: sinjawns

            I think the best bistecca in Florence is at
            Antico Cambi. It is in the oltrano and only locals go there. The owner Stephano is very nice and ask to see his wine cellar. Lots of great wines and reasonably price. You walk in and your steak is in the see through counter and you pick it out and then it is cooked. Was there in Feb 09 and will be there again in Oct 09.

            1. re: lanatolman

              I was at La Cecca a few weeks ago and it was excellent,as usual. I would go there for lunch. I've been by Vapore many times, never eaten there and never heard anything about it to make me want to eat there. A few hundred yards up the road-away from Lucca-is Ristorante Lombardo which is excellent. I would go there for dinner. While it is open some days for lunch, because of the current economic situation they had closed for lunch on several days during the week. I would go on Friday because baccala is the special and I would highly recommend it. Also on the menu is a spaghetti Lombardo which is a pasta lightly coated with a four white meat sauce. Reservations would be a good idea and ask if you can sit on the terrace which overlooks the Tuscan countryside.

              1. re: piero

                I just got back from Italy and had a superb bisteca which I wrote about here.


                Not too far from Florence but I'm not sure if it's exactly on your route. Enjoy!