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Jul 13, 2009 10:55 PM

Best places to eat on a Sunday in Portland

My wife and i are headed to Portland on Friday, and I'm a little bummed out at hte number of local spots that are closed Sundays (and Mondays in some cases). We've got a 22 month old but don't want to be limited to McD's while on vacation. We're staying at the Residence Inn on the south end of downtown, so we'll have access to public transit. Open to any and all recommendations, from tasty food cart fare to Pok Pok (would this be an option for a little one? don't want to waste my time if it's a no-go) to whatever else is out there. Also, are there any recommendations for packing a lunch for a day trip out to the Mt. Hood area?

Thanks a bunch for your help!


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  1. Pok Pok is great but I don't think it is open on Sundays (all-correct me if I'm wrong). Portland is big on brunch so check out Simpatica (it is very small, however) or Pine State biscuits which are two of my favorites. Biwa is great for dinner if you like Japanese Izakaya style (especially if it's a cool day). That's just a few off the top of my head.

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      This from their website:
      "As of August 9th, 2009, Pok Pok will be opening on Sundays, for dinner only, from 5pm-10pm."

    2. Very casual:

      Kenny & Zuke's
      Apizza Scholls
      Hot Pot City
      Dove Vivi
      Al Forno Ferruzza
      Red Onion



      1. Laurelhurst Market--open Sundays AND Mondays. I think you could take the #20 bus from downtown.

        1. Mother's Bistro - 212 SW Stark has awesome breakfasts AND a toy room for the kid!

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            I second Mother's, YUM!!!!!!

          2. Laurelhurst Market, Biwa and Clyde Common are all open on Sunday.

            Last Sunday night, I was at Lucky Strike getting my Szechuan on.