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Jul 13, 2009 09:46 PM

authentic peruvian food supplies

Does anyone know of a store in the seattle area that sells peruvian foods like aji amarillo- fresh, or puree in jars?
or the herb huacatay?


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  1. I would go to San Fernando's roasted chicken in Lynnwood 9208th and Hwy 99, south across 208th from the Walgreens) and ask the owner. He is Peruvian and does authentic Peruvian street food. Have a quarter chicken and a tamale.

    1. I've found these items at a variety of 'latino' shops, including the one in Pike Place. My current favorite is Plaza Latina in Shorelline, about 172 th and 99/Aurora (just south of the Top Foods on 175th.

      This and other stores sell aji amarillo dried, and as a puree or sauce. I've never seen it fresh. Huacatay is also available in a jar. I just made aji de gallina using dried amarillo, which I soaked and then pureed.

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        Plaza Latina keeps expanding their selection. They have some deli items (mainly FUD and Goya brands), some baked goods (including alforjas). The freezer is larger, and includes whole guinea pigs (cuye).

      2. The Salvadorean Bakery in W Sea/White center has Aji amarillo puree in jars, and a number of other things I was excited to see from my days in Trujillo.

        1. The Salvodorean Bakery is a great suggestion! You can also take a drive down past the bakery to Ambaum Blvd SW in White Center and find lots of possibilities.

          1. Mercado Latino down in the Pike's Place Market. They have the aji amarillo and pureed huacatay. Nothing is as good as the fresh stuff but I haven't had that since my Mom use to grow it in LA.