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Jul 13, 2009 09:27 PM

where'd my waiter go?

Had dinner at Gigino's in Tribeca. The place has nice decor the food is always good, but the service ,,,, Tonite I had a waiter that must have asked how we were doing about 5 times . That was before the food came. Once the food came he disappeared.. I mean really he disappeared. Never came back.. i had added an addition to my pasta dish , which was to add anchovies ,,well the anchovies never happened,,and I didnt have a waiter to ask where they were. The pasta was delicious without them but i was in the mood for anchovy. I had the beet pasta which is there signature dish. I remember years ago i went to an event where a noted food critic mentioned Gigino as one of the few true Tuscan restaurants in Manhattan. They do have alot of Tuscan dishes but i think they have dishes that represent all of italy.
They even make a decent individual pizza. The bread tonite was bad ,,, very hard like biscotti ,,, undunkable. I asked a waitress if that was the only bread they had,,, I had a basket full of inedible bread and she asked if I wanted more ,,,, i just shook my head,,,,, Well i'm stuffed ,, but disappointed in the service ,,, and I am amazed that a waiter can just disappear. I left a 20 percent tip ,,i have no idea who will get that tip ,,,,, I should have left no tip ,,

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  1. After that kind of service, I would think twice about returning to that place again.

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          1. Just a quick note, folks, that if you have other experiences at Gigino's, this is the right place to share them, but general stories about disappearing waiters are off-topic for this board. That'd be a more appropriate subject for the Not About Food board.