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Jul 13, 2009 08:46 PM

So, where can I find the best Hummus in Philly?

I'm on a quest - what's your suggestion?

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  1. Go to Zahav, get the hummus-tehina. Quest complete.

    1. Saad's at 45th & Chestnut. For my tastes, a better plain hummus than Zahav. (Though having recently tried the Turkish hummus at Zahav, that's now my favourite.)

      1. Restaurants:
        Shouk, I think they closed but might reopen

        Zev's - you NEED to try this. They are out of the Main Line. The only place I've seen it sold is Essene -- if anyone knows other retail locations let me know.
        Bitar's - Lebanese grocery store at 10th & Federal, they make their own and sell it in containers. Also try their baba ganoush but only if you like it heavy on tahini.
        Amir's - from MD I think; sold at Whole Foods, Essene and others