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Jul 13, 2009 08:12 PM

Campagnia whites -- yum

These are my new favorite summer wines...full of hazelnut, pinenut, resiny, orange, grapefruity glory...

In addition to various Greco di Tufo's and Fiano, i particularly love:

Casa D'Ambra, Ischia Bianco...from an island off the coast of Naples...absurdly yummy value for 13 bucks...

Anyone share my taste for these Campagnia whites and/or has suggestions for similarly yummy stuff from adjoining regions? (i am a novice when it comes to Italian varietals)...

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  1. The Falanghina grape makes some lovely wines. Complex, nuanced and structured, with a citrusy finish.

    White Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio, usually dominated by Coda di Volpe, can be delicious.
    Mastroberardino's is great.

    See for some tasting notes. I still dream about that 2004 Camapanaro.

    1. You've identified a general taste running through a number of central/sourhern Italian whites. Here are some to try: Ciro Bianco form Calabria (Librandi), made from greco;
      Verdicchio di Castelli di Jesi/di Matelica (a number of good versions here); Sicilian whites from the Inzolia grape (Cusumano, for one, Regaleali bianco); Mantonico [varietal] from Calabria; Greco from Calabria form Lento or Statti; a good Vermentino di Gallura or di Sardegna from Sardinia. From farther north, try a Pigato from Liguria (Bardellini). There's also, from Campania, varietal Coda di Volpe from Cantina del Taburno. Tutti da bere.....

      1. My favorites are Romana Clelia "Colli di Lapio" Fiano di Avellino and Bentio Ferrara Cru Vigna Cicgna Greco di Tufo. I also like Mastroberardino's Falanghina Sannio and Finao di Avellino Radici.