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Jul 13, 2009 08:00 PM

Looking for a wine cellar private dining venue...

I'm searching for a restaurant/venue that can hold a private dining function in a wine cellar....does anyone know of/experienced this in Toronto? I am planning a special birthday celebration for my husband and would love to give him a wonderful dining experience with some of his closest friends.

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  1. Barbarians has a spectacular cellar for dining.

    1. Biagio has a good large table in its cellar, as well as a good selection of Barolos and Barbarescos. Nice old building.

      1. Chiado and Adega both have private cellar dining rooms that seat up to 20. Cozy and very nice.

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          NOt sure what your date is but if Splendido is re-opened in time they have spectacular cellar room dining

        2. Roughly how many people?
          I've been to Adega, Barberian's, Chiado, & Splendido (I was told the renovation will leave the wine cellar untouched - re-opening 28 July).

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            looking at 30 people....thanks you and to all who responded! I'll look into all of the above!

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              30 might be a bit large for Biagio.

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                30 is definitely too large for Adega and Chiado, sorry. :(

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                  The Splendido location may just work. I think they can hold 32, but it would be tight. I was there with 26.

            2. It's not a wine cellar but Kultura has a beautiful private dining room on the top floor that has a "wall of wine". The atmosphere is fantastic, beautiful exposed brick and lots of beautiful bottles to gaze at. I had a private party there last year for 32 people and it was a huge hit!