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Jul 13, 2009 07:36 PM

Red Bananas. Tell me about 'em

I picked up a couple of red bananas last weekend, mostly out of curiosity. What do/can I do with them now. They're about 6-7 inches long and pretty firm...yeah, right...don't EVEN go there, this is a serious question. Will they soften up? Are they sweet like an eating banana or starchy like a plantain. No, I have no idea what variety they are the lable just said Red Bananas product of Ecuador.

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  1. I was in Panama earlier this year and saw red bananas. Have you posted this on one of the SA boards?

    1. They are exactly like yellow bananas, just a different color. They will get soft just like yellow bananas. banana chips that are sold ins tores are actually made from red bananas.

      1. The red bananas sold in my grocery store are little. They taste like regular bananas, but a little more floral flavor once they ripen. When they are underripe they have a more starchy flavor. I like my yellow bananas with no brown spots, but the red ones aren't any good (IMHO) until they are fairly brown looking.

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          Wow, this was a really old thread. My red bananas were also small and they never got particularly ripe in the soft sense. The flavor was reminescent of a regualr banana, perhaps a bit more floral. In spite of sitting on my kitchen counter along with other fruit, they never softened up and they never turned black.

          1. re: DiningDiva

            Yes, I realized after posting that your OP was last July. I guess it just showed up because of Lyntc10's response. My bananas never got as soft as regular bananas, but did eventually turn brown. In fact, I have purchased them at a huge discount because the grocery store was about to throw them away just as they were finally ripe. I haven't purchased as many recently because they seem less consistent in their flavor/sweetness than the yellow ones.