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Jul 13, 2009 07:15 PM

Suggestions for anniversary dinner in Brooklyn

My wife and I are going out for an anniversary dinner on Friday in Brooklyn, and we'd like to pick someplace that:

a) we can walk to (we live in the Cobble Hill/Carrol Gardens area).
b) is relatively new -- we've been in the area a long time, and feel like we've missed some things the last few years since we've had kids. We have tended to like places like Chestnut, but wanted to find someplace new that we've not been to before. Basically, we're wondering what new or newish places have opened in the neighborhood that people like and that we've probably missed (or walked past a million times and not noticed...).
c) isn't especially kid-friendly -- our daughters will be their grandparents, so a quiet childless dinner would be preferable.

Any thoughts? Thanks.

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  1. Not new, but anniversary quality: Saul or Grocery. New: Prime Meats. In between: Pò.

    1. If you don't mind walking a bit, I'd recommend Franny's on Flatbush at 7th Ave! They have thin crusted, wood fired pizzas (usually about 8 different ones on the menu) and like 2 or 3 pastas. Plus amazing starters and a nice wine list.

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        As much as I love Franny's the OP asked for NOT kid friendly and if they go to Frannys they will be surrounded by kids. Maybe Vinegar Hill? And I know you said walking distance but if you are willing to travel to Park Slope and you haven't been before, I highly reccomend Applewood for this occassion.

      2. Have you tried Buttermilk Channel yet? Quite new (and pretty good). Second choice would be Prime Meats.

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          thanks everyone for the suggestions. Certainly a fair number to think about (incidently, we have been to Applewood, and I totally agree with the suggestion to go there -- we had a very, very nice meal there).