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Jul 13, 2009 06:31 PM

Dry ice in the SFV

Does anyone know where I can pick up dry ice on Saturdays in the Valley? Preferably Sherman Oaks Encino vicinity.

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  1. Smart & Final carries dry ice.

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    1. re: monku

      I know that some smart and finals carry dry ice but the one in Encino and Van Nuys do not. Do you know which one carries it in the valley?

      1. re: trojans

        I have seen it right next to the regular ice freezer at the front of the store at the Reseda one (Sherman Way/Corbin)

      1. re: Professor Salt

        I called Ralphs they said that they no longer carry it. Was there a specific one that you know of?

        1. re: trojans

          Not specifically in the Valley, no. My experience is that most Ralphs have the cooler with dry ice somewhere near the front of the store.

      2. Union Ice and some Smart & Finals maybe even Albertsons.

        1. Albertson's in Westlake Village on Lindero Canyon. Freeway close.

          1. Jim's Fallbrook Market, 5947 Fallbrook Ave in Woodland Hills (near Victory Bv) has dry ice cut to any size you want. As a lagniappe, they have terrific meat, and the service is great.

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            1. re: ozhead


              5257 Craner Ave.
              North Hollywood, CA 91601
              (818) 762-2237

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                Throwing out Nu Awlin's ims are ya? Where can I get some good shrimps with some mayernaise? I need to go get my feed on down in The Big Easy, soon!