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Jul 13, 2009 06:01 PM

Jade Spoon on Scarsdale/New Rochelle border

A couple of nights ago, I had a takeout order at the new Jade Spoon on Weaver Street. The place is a little more refined looking inside than your average Asian takeout. There are a few tables, and a large family group was eating at one of them when I picked up my order.

Personally, I am relieved this place is open because I feel Seven Woks is totally played out, with a rather boring menu that never changes and management that does not support the community which certainly supports them financially.

Jade Spoon has a little bit of everything Asian -- Chinese, Thai and a little Japanese.

My daughter wanted miso soup, which I thought was OK, but she loved.

For main dishes, we had chicken lo mein (pretty good), terriyaki steak (tender and surprisingly tasty -- try it with Chinese mustard or another sauce), and pineapple chicken (swimming a little bit much in the sauce, but I'd say it was average, maybe slightly more).

The whole bill came to $39 total.

Yes, I would definitely order from them again, because I believe they have potential and we want to try other dishes.

P.S. I like ordering from Chopstix on Garth Road MUCH better than Seven Woks, but it's a schlep from where we live in Scarsdale.

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  1. Where on Weaver Street? I just googled but didn't come up with anything. Is it in the shopping center with Dunkin Donuts and Meritage? We have been meaning to try Chopstix but I keep forgetting about it.

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      It is in the same little shopping center as Amore Pizza and Big Top.

    2. FYI the owners of Jade spoon were the original owners of chopstix which they sold to their cousins a while back so the food is similar. The ingredients are fresher and everything tastes lighter in my opinion.

      1. I like the food for what it is. Agree on the Sevon Woks point except for those who are interested, they chose not to have any pork at all in the place which I found strange for a chinese restaurant.

        I'm a fan of their seafood egg drop soup (egg white only) and the chicken wontons in chili sauce (which are fried, but you can order steamed).

        1. I'm a big fan of Jade Spoon. Some dishes are just good, but a few are outstanding. Faves: Spareribs, Salt and pepper Squid, hot and sour soup, seafood soup, Szechuan Crispy Shredded
          Dried Beef is great, but ask to tone down sweetness. The sesame chicken is really good, as is general Tso's tofu or chicken. They have been very consistent, the bane of many restaurants out here. I found Seven Woks, the only time I went there, to be bland boring and everything I hate about suburban Chinese food. There are a few dishes that really could gain some more character--most all of the noodle dishes-- but on the whole is this our go-to place for suburban Chinese. Even the crispy won ton noodles they provide with soup are good: the secret is that they are homemade.