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Newport, RI

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I am looking for dinner venues in downtown Newport. Especially ones that have great bar dining. Thank you.

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  1. The Mooring, Brick Alley, 22 Bowens, Clarke Cooke House...there are so many. Any particluar type of food or price? What constitutes "great bar dining" IYO.

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      Agreed with the 22 Bowens. Nice atmosphere and good wine. Food was overpriced for what you get. I did however, enjoy the side truffled mac and cheese. My meal though....the scallops was missing something. My husband ordered a yummy delmonaco cooked to perfection, but the steaks are ala carte.
      I'd like to know more about Cooke house or Mooring? Maybe try it later this week?

    2. Second for the Mooring...fan of their "garbage" salad, oysters....and if you're into dessert...a great bread pudding!

        1. The Mooring is great.

          I didn't think 22 Bowens was very good, food was OK, but not worth the money.

          If you're looking for "bar food", Aidan's is pretty good.

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            Also, maybe try a place in Jamestown - Trattoria Simpatico has a really nice, laid-back outside seating area in the summer / fall. Pretty casual bar area, as well as some tables.

            Tricia's has a nice outdoor section as well, but I was less impressed with their food.

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              Just a side note, Aidan's is no longer, it's now called Fastnet. Tommy who used to be the bartended at Aidan's now owns Busker's which is downtown and is a great little pub.

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                I second this. Also you can take the water taxi over from newport, which is kind of neat

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                  my reply was in regards to Trattoria Simpatico, ended up in the wrong place!

              2. If by "bar dining" you mean to sit and eat at the bar....these are great picks where you will get really good food and be comfortable. Zelda's (Lower Thames), Nory's (Broadway), @ The Deck (formerly West Deck, Lower Thames), and the Mooring (Upper Thames)

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                  Is The West Deck now The Deck because they changes owners? Is it differents now or just the name?

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                    i haven't been since the name changed, but looking at their site it doesn't seem like much has changed, at least as far as the indoor dining goes

                2. ditto the recommendation for Mooring. Their bread pudding is absolutely to die for.

                  1. zeld'as on lower thames. Bistroish menu with fresh local ingredients. Clarke Cooke, 22 B and Mooring (as well as zelda's) are good food places that can serve at the bar

                    Brick Alley, Buskers, red Parrot are burger and fries kinda places

                    1. we had a delicious dinner at Lucia two nights ago. Excellent Italian food and very reasonably priced. we couldn't get a reservation at Mamma Luisa, so we went to Lucia at the recommendation of our innkeeper (we're staying at the beautiful Ivy Lodge), and loved it, and it was less expensive than Mamma Luisa.

                      Dinner last night at Salvation Cafe was good, but not as good. The crispy spinach is deep fried, which disappointed me. It was tasty but greasy and seemed to undermine the reason for eating spinach in the first place. My tandoori fish didn't taste very tandoori, but was very good anyway.

                      1. upstairs bar at FLUKE is fantastic as well as cooke house

                        1. I am adding on to this request - also looking for some dining suggestions in Newport. It looks like the bar dining is covered but we would like to go out for one more upscale meal. Any suggestions?

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                            The Mooring, 22 Bowens, Clarke Cooke House, Asterisk, Zeldas, Bouchards.

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                              If you like sushi, we were at the Clarke Cooke House last week. I had their sushi and it was great! They also have all different kinds of food and a great atmosphere.

                            2. I'm assuming anything classified as bar dining would be okay with casual dress? We'll be in town for Folk Festival 50 and would be coming directly from the festival two nights...with chairs in tow (ugh!) since our hotel is on Goat Island. Appreciate any recommendations or advice.

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                                With the festival going on, downtown Newport (and all the restaurants) is going to be pretty busy, so I think the chairs are going to be a tough squeeze in any restaurant. You might feel better dropping those at the hotel, showering and then heading out. A great restaurant by Goat Island is Rhumbline in the Point neighborhood

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                                  Thank you. We have a friend who will be parking downtown, so hopefully we can drop our chairs off with him. I'm assuming casual (shorts/capris/sundress) is appropriate for the bar dining there?