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Jul 13, 2009 05:10 PM

Dinner before the Phillies

Going to Citizens Bank Park for the Phillies game on Monday, a 7:00 start. We want to have a good meal, not Pizza, not ballpark food. What do you recommend? Can we do a center city place and take the broad st line back down?

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  1. You're probably looking at a 4:30 or 5:00 dinner time to make it to the game on time. What kind of food are you looking for?

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        Broad St Line is the best way to get to and from the game.

        Estia, at Broad and Spruce, is excellent upscale Greek and only a block from the Broad St Line.

        Tinto, at 20th & Sanson, is excellent Basque tapas and 6 blocks from the Subway. Not a bad walk.

        That time may be awkward for dinner but both of those places are professional enough that should be able to handle it well. Estia has a pre-theater prix fixe menu although I'm not sure when it starts.

        If you're interested in Italian, there are Subway stops along South Broad that are near some great places. You can find meterless street parking there too, near the stop, which will make it very easy to get back home after the game--just make sure you take a local train.

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          Another option is Scannicchio's, at Broad & Porter, also along the Broad Street line. Pesto is in that area as well. Nothing Spanish in the area that I know of, and Estia's the only Greek that I know of that fits the transportation requirements.

    1. effie's is pretty close to the broad street line, less than 6 blocks away from the lombard south stop (at 11th? and pine). there re a bunch of good restaurants on 13th near chestnut and walnut if you are looking for other options (el vez and lolita - fancier, americanized mexican, bindi - indianish (fusiony but i hate that word)). there are also some good italian places nearby and if you want any of a variety of asian foods, chinatown is pretty close to the broad street line too.

      1. Just a thought - don't know how familiar you are with Citizen's Bank Park, but it regularly gets voted as the best ballpark food in the country. For me, it doesn't get much better than sitting outside at the game with a Victory Hop Devil and a Tony Luke's roast pork with broccoli rabe and aged provolone.

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          My DH and I are season ticket holders (over 30 years). You are right in that the ballpark food is good, but depending on when you get to the game, the lines can get very long. It's also not very convenient if you have several people with you, each of whom wants a different kind of food -- then you've got 4 people in 4 different lines. You can't always find a place/table to sit, and eating a messy sandwich in your game-time seat isn't always appealing. Especially if others in your row keep going in and out.

          Sometimes I just want to sit down somewhere & get table service before I go to the park. Thanks to everyone up-thread for the great alternative suggestions. You can get to the park early & go to Harry the K's. The food is not fabulous, but it's adequate. Service can be a problem. Ditto for McFaddens, although their menu is more comprehensive. Another option is Chickie & Pete's. It's not at the park, but reasonably close. You can park your car there, eat, then take the Crab Taxi to the park. The CT will bring you back as well. Even if you have them valet park your car, it's about the same price as the lots next to the stadium.

          VHD is good, but the Flying Fish is my DH's adult beverage of choice!

        2. L'Angolo is cute and NOT ballpark food. Italian. one block north of Oregon and one block west of Broad.