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Jul 13, 2009 04:53 PM

Edmonton, near the Uni/Lister Centre

I have no car. I am attending a conference so time is Very Tight. If you were staying at 87 Av & 116 St, where would you walk to for the tastiest meal you could get (caveats, not greasy, not really fine/expensive, not a dive)?

Thank you!

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    1. High Level Diner is always good and not expensive. Their homemade ketchup is reason enough to visit.

      My favorite, Dadeo's, is a little bit further down at 82 ave (Whyte) and 105 St, but definitely worth the effort for a po'boy sandwich.

      1. I would second the High Level Diner. Also stop at the Sugar Bowl next door for an cinnamon buns. They are seriously the in the world. Kyotos and Phobulous across the street are both good. About a block south is the Upper Crust which is a nice sandwich and soup and salad place.

        By taking the train, you can easily access the downtown.

        1. There is actually a fair amount in the area when you think about it. You could always try De Capo and Leva as well; they seem to have quite the following. There is also this post, about eating near Whyte. Some of the locations are different, but worth a look.

          1. Avoid Duke's Donair at the very least... the food has been horrible there for years. The Windsor Pub (if it's still there) had decent food at one point (fyi, they were shut down recently for health code violations). Both are in the tiny strip mall across from Lister.

            If you're looking for meals during the day, check out Hub Mall. I imagine you'll find something to your liking there.

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              Yeah, there is good (well, OK) Korean in Hub, and a good falafel place (if it is still there, haven't been in a while). There's also a Korean place on 87 ave, beside Earls, that last time I was there was Ok for lunch.