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Jul 13, 2009 04:47 PM

A tad of help with Joe's (Noodle House)?

I stopped at Joe's Noodle House yesterday. I used to be able to order well there. Something's happened.

I got the N36, which I do like and came as expected. I got some cold dishes to go for dinner tonight.

First - has their beef jerky declined in quality? The HKP version is always good, but I thought I learned of this dish at Joe's. The confusion may be on me, but I'm checking.

Second - I wanted the cold noodle dish with the red oil only. I can order this correctly everytime at HKP but the last two times at Joe's I end up with the wrong thing. Last time I had the oil, but also this brown paste that I did not like. This time I tried to be very clear in saying I wanted the noodles with the red oil only - none of the brown paste. I only got the brown paste.

I also messed up by not ordering the crispy salty *anything* but that's also clearly on me.

Mainly - for the cold noodles - what am I missing, or what has changed? What dish (by number) am I looking to order?


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  1. I never do the cold noodle dishes (or any noodle dishes, for that matter) at Joe's except the Sichuan beef-noodle soup and the wontons in hot oil. There is only chili oil with the wontons and a nice dose of it in the soup broth. And I can never go to Joe's without getting the crispy salty squid, which is made complete with hot peppers in oil and black vinegar on the side.

    1. I'm surprised the beef jerky is no longer reliable.

      I don't know of any noodle dishes I like. Here are some of my favorites:
      A01 Shredded radish
      A05 Spicy and Sour Pickled Vegetables
      A08 Cucumber Salad
      A11 Pressed bean Curd
      A41 Fried Baby Smelt with Peanuts
      E13 Taro mash and Red Date Cake (very sweet, steamed to order)
      W01 Wonton in Red Hot Sauce
      R26 Rice Cake with Shredded Pork
      F32 Spicy and tasty Fried Tofu
      T21 Homemade bacon and leek
      V04 Shredded Potatoes
      Old version of H20, Fish over Vegetables - Hot and Numbing - Must ask for the old version

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      1. re: Steve

        I agree most noodle dishes aren't that great. N36 gets my favor, though. But Steve - do you know the noodle dish I'm trying to order? It's great at HKP and I thought Joe's did a good one, too. Cold noodles with the red thin hot oil?

        1. re: Dennis S

          "Cold noodles with the red thin hot oil?" I don't see such an item on Joe's menu. Maybe if you could bring a copy of the dish at HKP written in Chinese characters to show the people at Joe's, they would know what you want.

          1. re: comestibles

            Good idea - I think they're the Chengdu Spicy Cold Noodles.

            Anyway - found this while looking:

            Looks like the same menu exactly to the one in Falls Church. No mention of the FC location that I could find, but apparently an outpost in Derwood, MD.

      2. i had it last week it was the same as always... hard, chewy and thick. I have ahd other versions I like a lit better but from time to time I engiy giving my jaw a workout at Joe's