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Jul 13, 2009 04:16 PM

Burgers on Westside

What are your top five places for burgers on the Westside - (Santa monica, West L A, Marina, West Hollywood)?

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  1. Turkey Burger at Tavern
    Apple Pan Hickory Burger
    Barney's turkey burger
    Fat Burger with chili

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    1. re: maudies5

      Fathers Office
      The Counter
      The Getty Villa Cafe
      Patrick's Roadhouse
      In N Out

    2. Arnie Mortons (only during lunch, only on the weekend)
      Hole in the Wall (great burger, love the pretzel bun option)
      In and Out, double double animal style
      Fat Burger (you gotta ask for it "on the char" broiled)

      1. 26 Beach Restaurant they make their own buns, been doing great burgers for over 20 years!

        1. Nook - WLA

          Father's Office - either Culver City or SM - limited though of course

          In/Out - Westwood

          My wife really loves Apple Pan on Pico

          I was at Westside Tavern and they may have a burger - not sure...their lamb french dip was really good...

          Literati II (not the cafe) - impressive burger...

          For W Hollywood - Animal, Ketchup & Comme Ca get really good reviews. I ate at Comme Ca but not burger...

          1. For beef:
            Father's Office
            Hole In the Wall
            Wolfgang's Steakhouse

            Lots of great runners-up, too!

            If chopped steak counts, the half-pounder at the Palm is hard to beat.

            If buffalo appeals, add Josie.

            If you would consider pork, consider Tavern (I have yet to try the regular burger there).

            For turkey, I am partial to Hal's.