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Jul 13, 2009 04:03 PM

Best seafood market in the area?

I have been visiting Seafood Paradise in Rosemead whenever I find myself nearby, but that is not very often since I live in Santa Monica. Quality seafood has an excellent shellfish selection, but the prices are often restaurant prices or higher. 99 Ranch is hit or miss on quality at best. I have gone to a few places downtown, but perhaps I haven't been to the right ones or gone at the right time. are the Japanese markets on the westside my best alternative?
Is there someplace downtown or closer with selection and prices that make it worth the drive?
Is there any other seafood market like Seafood Paradise?

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  1. Mitsuwa on Centinela is a great choice for fish. Most of it is cut pieces, although whole fish are available in the smaller species (mackerel, sardine, etc). Excellent quality and freshness.

    Is there some specific seafood you're looking for?

    Mitsuwa Marketplace
    3760 S Centinela Ave, Los Angeles, CA

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      This was one of the 3 markets I was thinking of as my best options on the westside. things that they don't have include, live lobster, live crab ( soft shell, blue , dungeness, and king), live shrimp, or at least a selection of wild shrimp with the heads on, a wide variety of whole fish, and a selction of live oysters and clams.

      1. re: Mateo R

        No, Mitsuwa doesn't do live seafood. Personally, I like a (retail) fishmonger that sells a tightly focused inventory and sells through it daily, rather than a "carries everything, and most of it's half mummified" type of fish market.

        You'll be hard pressed to beat Quality Seafood in Redondo for a selection of live oysters and clams. They usually have a couple dozen varieties in live tanks on any given day. Prices aren't that bad given the selection, the quality, etc. For "normal" retail quantities, Quality Seafood oyster selection is hard to beat. If you need big quantities, then head downtown to the wholesalers who sell on a cash basis to the public.

        You'd think Santa Monica being right on the water would offer more selection of fishmongers, but no, not really.

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      1. On Sawtelle there are a number of great Japanese supermarkets- small ones that have excellent fish at good prices.
        Also LA. Fish Company downtown is very fresh and cheap!

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          my favorite place is safe and save market on sawtelle. its a small family run store that has as small fish counter. they typically stock 6-10 different fish at any time.

        2. Grand Central market. Parking is crazy and expensive though. In Alhambra, Hawaii Market on New St. and Valley has tons of seafood and also cheap. Got live Dungeness crab there a while back for $2.69 a pound. Live fish tanks with live local shrimp and crabs.