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Jul 13, 2009 03:59 PM

Restaurant and BBQ Recommendations in Williamsburg and or Richmond?

I will be in Williamsburg this weekend and I was thinking about making a dinner reservation Saturday night for A Chef's Kitchen. Has anyone ever been here before?

Also I was looking for a recommendation for BBQ, I have heard that Buz and Ned's Barbecue is good as is Pierce's Pitts BBQ. Which one is better?

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  1. I'm a big fan of Pierce's Pitt. Off the beaten path, often full of locals, with reviews on the walls. By no means a fancy place ... the atmosphere akin to a fast food restaurant. Pulled pork is smokin' though! (literally!)

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      1. I'll say Buz and Ned's over Pierce's hands down. The first time I went to Buz andNed's, it was a-mazing. Second time not as good, but still very, very good. Get the ribs, definitely. Plus fewer places do ribs well. If you try the chopped pork there, maybe ask if they can serve it not tossed in bbq sauce, which is a no-no for me. Have only been to Pierce's once, but was thoroughly unimpressed.

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          Buz and Ned's all the way and twice on Sunday. If you want a bbq sandwich and some hushpuppies, then Pierce's.....just not a fan.

        2. A friend of mine who dances in Richmond says she likes a place called Cuba Cuba(?) I don't know if it is still there.

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            If you're curious - Kuba Kuba is still here. It's a bit of a hole-in-the-wall, which I love, I just like to warn visitors. Really great pressed sanwiches. I always start with empanadillas, get the pesto-tomato-jack sandwich, and a coffee with sweetened condensed milk as long as it's not too late. They also squeeze their limeade fresh with each glass (maybe for lemondade too, I'm not sure because I usually get limeade). I tried the paella once and wasn't super impressed, went back to the sandwiches.