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Jul 13, 2009 03:51 PM

Monthly Dinner Club

My friends & I have been doing a monthly dinner club for a few months. It's a great way for us to catch up but the last couple restaurants have been on the louder side, which makes catching up somewhat difficult, especially with up to 10 ladies :)

It’s my turn to make the arrangements for next month & I really want to do something, and no I don't want to cook :) or at least get some recommendations on somewhere that might lend it's self to more conversation for a large group.

Anywhere in San Francisco is fine


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  1. Where have you been? What price range? Wha type of food?

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      our price range varies, mid-high range. But not opposed to anywhere with good food :)

    2. Terzo has a private room. I reserved it once for a group of 10 and it was great. It was quiet enough that we could talk, but the doors and walls are glass so we didn't feel completely isolated.

      Piperade has a large table, and the restaurant is usually not too loud.

      I haven't been to either of the above in the last year, but food has always been good to great at both.

      1. Incanto might work--it isn't terribly loud. They also have a nice private room that you can reserve with a variety of set menus, up to getting a whole pig carved tableside.

        1. The back room at Gamine would be a good fit! :-)