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Jul 13, 2009 03:50 PM

6pm dinner in south beach

i know this is obscenely early, but can you suggest any place i can make a reservation this early?
must be in south beach and should be relatively hip. taking clients.
thanks in advance!

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  1. Prime 112 or Prime italian should both be open

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      1. Give Grazie a look.7th and Washington.
        They're open for dinner at 6 and your clients are sure to be impressed.

        1. sorry. i should have first noted that i am trying to avoid italian and steakhouses.
          h2bn: it's difficult to not judge a restaurant by its website when it's all you have to go on. grazie doesn't seem like the kind of place i'm looking for.

          i'm looking to impress with a hip, fun, lively atmosphere. not looking for anything overly stuffy. white tablecloth is actually a con in this situation.

          thanks chowhounders!

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          1. re: tracyk

            Gotcha. But... Grazie is nowhere near stuffy---though it is not a frenetic place either. But that is all moot since you are not looking for Italian.

            I know a couple of cool 20-somethings . I'll ask them. :)

              1. re: tpigeon

                agreed w asia de cuba....also Solea at the new W South's Med/Spanish.....

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