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Jul 13, 2009 03:27 PM

Decent cup of tea?!!!!!... anyone

I'm thinking I may have to bring my own pot and tea leaves. Apart from the big hotels - if I just want a cup of tea in anything other than a paper cup... where can I find one anywhere uptown, midtown or downtown? all suggestions appreciated.

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  1. I am sure there are some places, but I tend to drink coffee more than tea when out. At most places, you are likely to get tea bags. At your hotel, you may have the ability to heat water in your room (worth checking), in which case you might want to bring your own leaves. You might want to try Takashimaya, which has a lovely tea room. There are also a number of hotels that serve afternoon tea, and a couple of "English" tea places. When do you anticipate wanting this tea?

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      Hi MMRuth, Thank you for your reply. Are you wondering at what time of day I will need my tea fix, or when as in next week? I will be in NY in September so I have a bit of time. I have been able to locate Alice's tea room and Tea with Sympathy but as we will be in different neighbourhoods on different days, I thought I would put the question out there so I can compile a list of go-to places. Last time I was in NY - I was given tea made with coffee instead of hot water... it was funny at the time.. To be honest I don't really fancy carrying around a teapot and tea leaves with me... I have checked and the hotel does have a kettle.

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        Yes, I guess I was asking when you would be needing your "tea fixes" (grin) - i.e., in the hotel in the morning, in the afternoon while out and about, etc.

        You could bring leaves and one of those infuser ball things, though I don't know if you will be making tea for seven, which would then be problematic. I'm sure you could find a v. cheap teapot here, or I'll lend you one of mine for your visit - I live v. close by. (What is the name of the hotel by the way - still trying to figure out exactly where it is.) I'll see what else I can think of in the neighborhood that might actually have "real tea", but I think you are right to assume you will get a tea bag and overboiled water unless you find good places before hand as you are doing.

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          I live across Alice's Tea Cup but have been only a couple times. The fairy tale freak show is just a little too intense when I just want a cuppa. Stores like Porto Rico, however, have great tea in a no-frills environment, which is exactly what I want when I'm looking for a cup of Lyon's at 5:30.

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            BTW - I was at a Pain Quotidien today for breakfast and asked about how they serve tea - bags only, so that one can be struck off the list.

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              Hi MMRuth, I really appreciate your scouting around for me and your kind offer to loan me a teapot. I hadn't thought about picking a teapot up in NY - it is hard enough to find places that serve proper tea. I have a little teapot that I will bring with me and if I need a bigger one for the family, I'll pick one up there, but thank you again. The hotel is called The Marmara. Oh, and in answer to when I need a tea fix, I suppose - every couple of hours from breakfast onwards...

        2. Here are some older threads (note that Amai has closed as has Sympathy for the Kettle and Tafu)

          Any new tea shops worth trying?

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            Wow! Thanks Kathryn, I had searched for "tea" before I posted my note, I don't know why this hadn't come up. Are these English tea houses - they sound Asian?

            1. re: phanjokat

              From that list, it is Japanese.

              Here's an older list that might assist your search:

          2. Radiance Tea House on 55th has an amazing variety of teas and also has lovely snacks.

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            1. re: lawgirl1984

              I second Radiance. They have a nice tea selection and the food/snacks are pretty good.

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                also if you are near Chelsea Market you could go to T-salon. i'm not a big fan of the atmosphere there, but they do cups/pots of loose tea. If you are looking for afternoon tea service let us know, there are a bunch of places to check out for that.

                1. re: twiggles

                  what sort of atmosphere does it have?

                  1. re: phanjokat

                    T-salon? well it's mostly a store in front, with the tea/food display area in the middle, and a few tables in the back. It's a fine place to grab a cup and sit for a few minutes, but imo it wasn't a place i wanted to linger in.

                    1. re: phanjokat

                      It's basically a retail store selling packaged teas and teapots, and gift sets in the front, and a small food bar with pastries, and salad fixings that i found to be on the pricey side. There is comfortable seatings by the windows in the back, and it's fairly relaxed. The place is on the smaller side, and overly designed, but I thought it was nice, and you didn't feel like you were drinking tea in a gift shop.

              2. Have you ever been to Alice's Teacup? There are a few around manhattan, I've been on the Upper East Side (in the mid 60s, forget the exact street). They do a nice, proper tea with snacks and it's a nice atmosphere.


                For tea in a paper cup, there's obviously many options.

                1. The Maze at The London has a nice tea service. We enjoyed a nice loose leaf Lapsang a couple of months ago. They also serve High Tea daily.

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                    Thank you, I enjoy High Tea but am unlikely to have the time on this trip.