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Jul 13, 2009 03:06 PM

Lobster roll sans mayo - where?

Hello hounders. To my taste, good lobster is tainted by mayonnaise. (Also have nightmares about England's "prawns and mayonnaise" culture.) Connecticut seems to be the only close place where you can get quality lobster rolls with lemon butter as the only topping. Please prove me wrong. Thanks.

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  1. I'm going to be VERY interested in the response to this. We were on Cape Cod for ten days and lobster rolls there have mayo in them and I made them that way. But two 'hounds who live in CT said they've had them dripping with butter. I can't imagine eating one that way but it DOES sound good.

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    1. re: c oliver

      I've had it in Boston and LOVED IT! It's served warm cause of the butter. If there is a place that does that in NYC that would be AWESOME

    2. Try the lobster roll at Mooncake , theres no mayo on it.and the lobster is real fresh and lots of it at half the price of mary's or pearl (both of which have too much mayo)
      I had a lobster triple decker with bacon at Cercle Rouge which i'm sure they could hold the mayo.

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        No mayo at Mooncake? That's GREAT news. I am always tempted by it but I really truly hate mayonnaise so I've been afraid to try. I will be getting that asap!

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          Foodwhisperer - is the Lobster Triple Decker on the regular menu at Cercle Rouge? I'm actually going there tonight for Bastille Day and didn't see it on their menu...maybe I'll just have to stop by Mooncake after...

          1. re: karinabean

            sorry for late response,,i guess you found out the lobster roll at cercle Rouge is triple decker,,,

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            any particular asian slant to the mooncake lobster roll? or it's relatively plain and true to the typical?

            1. re: bigjeff

              No real asianess to the lobster roll ,,but its fresh good lobster no mayo ,, tell them easy on the garlic ,,,,,,, comes with salad that has asian tasting dressing ,,

            2. re: foodwhisperer

              I had the Mooncake lobster roll and it's alright but nothing amazing. Actually it was slightly less than fresh, under all the garlic sauce.

              I am with you on not liking mayo, but I'm not sure Mooncake's version is the solution.

              1. re: windycity

                I also had it and had a similar feeling. I LOVE mooncake but that was my least favorite thing on the menu. It was tough and kind of chewy (especially the center) and had soo much garlic butter sauce it was just greasy.

                In good news, I hear the new Luke's Lobster will have options for butter and mayo so I will head there soon and try out the no-mayo roll!!

            3. New York magazine just had a piece with a list of the best lobster rolls in NYC.


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              1. re: TryThis

                They are all mayo based lobster rolls..though I am a fan of Lure's

              2. The Lobster Pound people in Red Hook are serving two versions of their lobster role at the Brooklyn Flea on Sundays--one with Mayo and one with butter.

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                1. re: prdct

                  I might have to try one of those. Is that at the Fort Greene or Dumbo location? Or both?

                2. I think Grand Central's Oyster Bar might have what you're looking for (very little mayo). If you end up changing your mind about the mayo, go to Pearl Oyster Bar because they have amazing lobster rolls with lots of mayo :)

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                  1. re: gracenotesnyc

                    agreed that GC Oyster Bar doesn't use a ton of mayo, but its still mayo based... same with the lobster place - theirs are very good and not overly mayo'ed out. i'll tell you one place to never order a lobster roll the way you like it, that's at Surf Lodge in Montauk. Wow. I had theirs a couple weeks ago and it was downright awful.