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Jul 13, 2009 03:03 PM

Norfolk/Portsmouth, VA?

Hey all,

I'll only be spending a weekend in Portsmouth here in a couple weeks, and would like some ideas on truly delicious meals--breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I'd love to get some really fresh, local seafood while I'm there (doesn't have to be fancy...I tend to prefer the brown paper tablecloth places : ), but I'm open to pretty much anything.

We're staying down near River Front Park, but we're willing to drive for a delicious meal. Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

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  1. I get slammed for suggesting this, but if you do a search you'll find lots of suggestions...I typed in "Portsmouth" and found positive recs for Stove and Cafe Europa, both in the Old Town section near where you're staying.

    1. either drive or take the ferry across from Old Town to downtown Norfolk. there is a great burrito place that even has vegan options if you're into that - it's called Machismo Burrito at 409 W. York St., Norfolk -ph.757-624-2424. It's a nice walk to get there through the historic district. There is construction going on in front of the restaurant for a light rail system, but don't let that stop you.
      if you drive over, I suggest you go a little further than downtown to the Ghent neighborhood. There on Colley Ave and on 21st St, there are several excellent restaurants, and its a nice place to walk around.
      Falafel/Middle Eastern: Azar's 2000 Colley Ave., Norfolk 757-664-7955
      Thai: Bangkok Garden 339 W. 21st St., Norfolk 757-622-5047
      Indian: Rajput 742 W. 21st St., Norfolk 757-625-4634
      Japanese: Kotobuki 721 W. 21st St., Norfolk 757-628-1025
      Pizza: Bella Pizzeria1308 Colley Ave., Norfolk 757-625-3525 they also offer vegan cheese
      Breakfast: Yorgo’s Bageldashery 2123 Colonial Ave., Norfolk 757-623-6609 (less than a block from 21st St.)
      Breakfast/Coffee: Elliot’s Fair Grounds 806 Baldwin Ave., (at Colley) Norfolk 757-640-2899

      1. Stove is actually in Port Norfolk (in Porsmouth, not Norfolk) not in Old Town. It is quite good. Has an excellent wine program as well.

        1. "Stove" is a great choice, It is a tiny place, run by the eccentric owner/chef. As noted, it is a short drive from downtown Portsmouth. Downtown Portsmouth offers several really good restaurants within blocks of each other." Cafe Europa" is Mediterranian and romantic. "Fusion 440" is....... Fusion! "Bruttis" is a lot of fun and probably my favorite. It can be a little noisy ( ). "Still "is a relatively new tapas place that looks like a speakeasy. I like it for drinks more than dinner.
          I am a Portsmouth guy, but my favorite "locals" seafood place is "A.W. Shucks "located NEAR the corner of Colonial and 22nd in Norfolk. It looks like a shack situated NEAR that corner. Trust me, you can find it.

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            yeah, my research has brought me to A.W. Shucks many times, but I can't seem to find a menu. I might just head over there anyway. Any other seafood suggestions? Thanks!

            1. re: leslierules

              Shucks ' menu will vary according to the availability of seafood. You can usually count on about 10 different varieties of oysters and clams on the chalkboard.
              You may be interested in this recent article about local crab joints:
              One other thought about a locals place (although not devoid of tourists by any means) is "Rudees". It is on the water, but at a marina not the oceanfront.. Nice dockside tables . Use their valet parking.
              Of course, there are many "fancy" seafood places. I will list our favorites if you are interested.

              1. re: blatz

                I second shucks. I love their salmon/fried green tomato app (MMMM), love the po-boy and they have a good beer selection. I also love the oyster shooter! If you like German food, my fav place in portsmouth (old town) is the beir garden great selection of beers (over 300), sausages made on premises and good spetzel, cucumber and potato salad. I've heard about a pizza place that opened in Ptown in old town by the previous owner of the 21st street deli. Here's a link to an article about the place hope this helps and good luck!