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Jul 13, 2009 02:59 PM

Buttercream Cupcakes

I was sure we had a cupcake thread on this board but can't find it.

We were at Buttercream on Saturday and bought six. Bliss and Crave are better to us. The icing at Buttercream has an overly fatty feel (not like butter to me) and yet quite sweet. I couldn't detect the strawberry taste in the strawberry icing. The one icing that was at least unusual was based on an Earl Grey infusion. I'm only talking about icing because there are only 2 choices of cake. You can choose chocolate, which my husband said was dry, or vanilla that I thought was good then choose a flavoured icing. Crave strawberry icing really tastes like strawberries and Bliss has their wonderful variety of cakes and icings.

Also went to Tubby Dog for the first time. Hard to compare to anywhere else but fun.

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  1. I agree that the icing at Buttercream was fairly fatty when I went their last, a while ago. The Early Grey Tea infusion does sound intriguing though.

    1. I agree as well. And the flavour just isn't there. I have to say that my ideal is Bliss as I find it's not as sweet Crave. Sometimes it's tough for me to get through all the icing. Though I don't think I'd ever, ever turn down a cupcake.

      1. I had the kiwi (I think that was it) cupcake and the PBTC pointed out that flavourings were all natural- it wasn't bad and I've actually found the cake at BC to be nice and moist, but do agree that all natural or not, the flavour just doesn't punch the way the cupcakes at, say, Deville (which are my faves in town) do. I do like BC's peanut butter cup though, it's not as bland as the rest. AND I agree with Beachy1 that a cupcake is still a cupcake!

        They're doing a couple of different, creative cupcakes every day at the new Insomnia Cafe btw (this is the one in Burns Bldg, at the far end of Olympic Plaza on Stephen Ave, right across the street from City Hall, corner of Stephen Ave and Macleod Tr)- I had one that had a sort of choco ganache icing, choco cake and vanilla cream filling- very delicious but small enough not to seem too naughty.

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          Yeah I find if I have a crave cupcake IF I can get through it, it is so sweet I don't feel so well by the end ha ha.

          I will have to check out Deville!