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Jul 13, 2009 02:49 PM

Weekend in Richmond

HI Everyone
I am going to be in Richmond for work on a weekend so am bringing my husband. I am looking for great places to eat while I am there for three days.

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  1. Also, to clarify, we will be staying at the Omni downtown so a couples of recommendations of places near there would be great.

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        I spent a night in Richmond last December and very much enjoyed my (solo) dinner at Millie's.

    1. In that area, I like Cafe Gutenberg and LuLu's (owned by the same people as Millie's). Julep's is very good if you want to do a nice dinner. You can venture down Broad Street a little and go to Comfort (which I love) or Bistro 27 (which I haven't tried, but have heard good things about from 1 or 2 people). Europa is also in the same area as the Omni. I go their for drinks and tapas. The atmosphere is fun, but I have mixed feelings on the food. Same with Havana '59 (fun for drinks, mixed on food).

      1. Try the Ipanema Cafe at 917 W. Grace St. Richmond.
        It's vegetarian food that even carnivores can enjoy, and the desserts are amazing.
        It's been in Style Weekly's list of top Richmond restaurants for the past few years.

        1. Not too much in walking distance of the Omni except good places for drinks.

          Millie's-- converted diner with hip vibe and great food. Also a very good brunch on Sat and Sun [get there erly].
          MammaZU--a love it or hate it place with great Italian in a dive environment.
          Enoteca Sogno --simple straightforward Italian with great and affordable Italian wine list. Great baked branzino.
          Comfort--what the name implies
          Cafe Rustica--informal, good food and great prices.
          Other people like Lulu more than I do but you could walk and Havanna 59 would be good for drink [or a cigar].

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          1. re: julesgarcia

            Thanks everyone! This is great info. Getting excited to come down, at least for the food.

            1. re: Bryce1

              so i am back from Richmond where for a short 2.5 day trip I think i did pretty well in terms of food. had a nice dinner at Lulu's the first night and another great dinner at Millie's the second night and a good brunch at Can Can on sunday. So thanks for all the suggestions!

          2. I and several co-workers have been in Richmond on assignment since March, and trying lots of local eats. Last night landed at Millie's Diner on E. Main, and it was fabulous. The New Zealand Lamb Rack was excellent. Others had the Stuffed Pork Chop and raved about it. Must of been nearly 2.5 inches thick!

            Very good wine list also... we had two bottles of Barolo (2004 and 2005).

            And the Cheesecake was fantastic; best outside of New York City. Creme Brulee was also wonderful, and rather than the traditional half-inch dish, these were about 3 times as deep; with great consistency and smoothness.

            Weekend, week day, doesn't matter. Millie's is one of the best in Richmond.