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Jul 13, 2009 02:42 PM

Travel meal taste test in progress: Are any of the La Briute meals actually good?

We just did a taste test between La Briute and Meal Mart. Both do not require refridgeration. The La Briute doesn't require a microwave. Since the La Briute costs over 9 bucks and the one we bought (buffalo wings) for the taste test failed miserably (absolutely gross, smothered in tomato sauce), we need to know if it is worth it to try any other La Briute masterpieces or if they are all the same. The Meal Mart meals (pepper steak, chicken chow mein, roasted chicken and kugel) were all good and only 4.99.

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  1. I have had the beef stew and though it was ok for what it was - I would get it again -

    1. Amazon sells a 6-pack of the same variety of the La Briute for $34, shipped (for the standard one, not self-heating). I used to send them to my son in college all the time. The beef stew was the least offensive.

      1. IMHO the La Briute meals dont even compare to the meal mart meals. i have had a bunch of the meal mart meals:

        chulent - very good, and i am not the type of person to eat leftover chulent (WARNING!!! it is extremely gassy)

        stuffed cabbage - perfect, exactly what you would expect

        rib steak - its no rib steak, but it is very tasty

        pepper steak- the rice doesnt reheat well

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            Wow. Never heard of them and am now intrigued. Nice site. I will let you know at some point in the future, but what do you think of them?

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              I never had them, but I read somewhere that the US military uses this brand for kosher MRE rations.

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              Can one get these in smaller lots than by the case?

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                My Own Meals are excellent as travel meals. They are far better than LaBriute (which is to say they are edible). Also, they take up less luggage space than LB.

            3. The la briute spaghetti and meatballs are good for what they are. The pesach meals are disgusting.