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Jul 13, 2009 02:09 PM

Wine and Good Bread in Bozeman

I'm staying at the Flying D for fishing in August and want to stop in town on my way in to pick up supplies. In particular would like to get hold of a couple bottles of wine and some nice bread. Please recommend any wine shops in the area as well as any place that might have good home made or artisan style bread. Not expecting much here based on past posts, but thought I would ask anyway.


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  1. hi there -
    there's a bakery in bzn, On The Rise, that supplies many (restaurants and supermarkets). you can find their ciabatta, and often other loaves, at practically every supermarket. if you're going straight from the airport to the ranch, you won't be going "into" Bozeman. the airport's in Belgrade, and you'll be going straight south to the ranch. i honestly don't know of a wine shop in Belgrade. there's an Albertson's supermarket right along your route in Belgrade - most of us buy our wines at the supermarket. the selections are decent. if you're looking for something beyond $25/bottle, let me know. to be fair, we have everything in bzn - the Californians demand it ; ) seriously, if you can be more specific about your concerns re: perceived lack of wine and bread, i can be more detailed. i think : ) nb: you might want to do a google map directions search to see where you're going on that route - Bzn's off the east of where you'll be.
    cin cin!

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      Thanks for the info and sorry not to be more specific. I'll be driving in from the Gallatin National Forest south of Big Timber where I will have spent the previous week. So Bozeman is on my way. I"ll probably stop there for lunch, maybe the BBQ joint (Bar 3 BBQ?) . I have been to Bozeman before, know exactly where the Albertsons is in Belgrade and am familiar enough to get around once I mapquest a destination. Sounds like the Albertsons will have what I want for wine, not looking for anything fancy, just a semi decent selection. Let me know if this extra info helps you recommend anything else and thanks for your input.

    2. If it's important to you, I'd suggest taking the time to actually go into BZN and shop. I'm no longer a fan of On The Rise's breads and now enjoy the breads being baked in-house at the Community Food Co-op (908 W. Main). Then, to grab your wine, shoot up to Joe's Parkway Mkt. (903 W. College) to grab your wine -- decent selection, lots of Kermit Lynch imports, pretty fair prices. The fishing should be good. Enjoy.

      1. Be careful, rivers are all way high and fast! Not to worry, pretty much all of the "artisan" bread you find in MT you can use to anchor your boat!

        1. Reading your expanded quandary, and Spot's suggestion, I completely agree w/ Spot re: Joe's Parkway (a bit south of town, on College, which runs parallel to Main, in Bzn). Joe's is great for wine, super for cheese, and chocolate (that must be mentioned). All sorts of fancy and international fou-fou things in the most unassuming small location. As for the Co-op's bread, I've been an almost 10-yr member and don't go in v. much because, as w/ other Bznites, it's hard not to refer to the place as the Rip-off. It used to be a Co-op. Now it's like Citarellas (or worse). (Groceries are a political act, dontchaknow ; ) )I didn't know that they've taken to making their own bread. In any event, you can probably find a great array of breads, and everything else, at Joe's. Stellar suggestion.

          While south of Big Timber, you might stop in The Road Kill in McLeod, so that you can say that you did. They grill steaks outside in the summer. And it's an interesting scene.... my best bar anecdote ever originated there.

          cin cin!

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            Great, thanks all for the excellent help that was exactly what I was looking for. I'm already familiar with the Road Kill, been by there and have heard a few stories about the place myself.