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Jul 13, 2009 01:51 PM

Veggie Grinder

Where is the best place to get a veggie grinder in the philadelphia area?

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  1. Hey, nomnomTX85, I venture a guess that most folks in these parts know not of grinders. From my travels, I think you mean a toasted sub full of roasted veggies, maybe with cheese. Toasted vegetable hoagie might be more understood. Grinder has yet to appear on the Pennsylvania menu, at least around here.

    I see from your posts that you're a Texas transplant returning to the old stomping ground for a visit, including my back yard near Merrymead. For some great cuisine, try the Mainland Inn, Parc Bistro and many others nearby that offer lunch and dinner options for your family. Make it a day trip and enjoy.

    1. The best I've ever had was a veggie hoagie from Chickie's in South Philadelphia: (In this area, we call them hoagies, not grinders).

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        Chickie's veggie hoagie is amazing. It's not hot but is a true Philly sandwich. Sarcone's Deli makes superb hoagies and has extensive and excellent vegetarian options as well. You won't go wrong with either and they are both better than any veggie grinder/sub/whatever you can get in Texas. Neither are in Center City but if you take a walk through the 9th St Italian Market, you'll be close to both, but Sarcone's is a good bit closer.

        If you end up at Tony Luke's for cheesesteaks, they have a hot veggie sandwich called the Uncle Mike that is sloppy and delicious. They will also make a greens sandwich with sauteed broccoli rabe or spinach with sharp provolone.

        Since you seem to be interested in veggie options, I will put out there that National Mechanics has the best veggie burger I've had--it's made fresh with grated veggies. It's a bar but they do lunch and that would be ok with kids. Horizons is an upscale vegetarian restaurant you may want to check out. Meat eaters won't miss the meat unless they are really picky.

      2. Thank you for the suggestions! TX actually doesn't have grinders and now I am wondering where it was that I had one in the northeast... maybe Delaware?? I searched several locations menus online before posting and did not see them either but the places you all suggested sound great! Horizons was on my list (dad is vegetarian) so thank yall so much! :)

        1. They're right. There is no "grinder", only hoagie.
          I will second Chickies, fabulous with the fried tomatoes. But I LOVE the Veggie hoagies at Sarcones. There are maybe...3 varieties. All different combos of roasted peppers, rabe, spinach, eggplant, cheeses, zucchini, tomato, etc. I prefer the one that comes with Abruzzio spread. Delicious.

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            I have lived in phila all my life (46 yrs), and worked in my local hoagie shop as well as eating around - a grinder was frequently on the menu as in "Any hoagie can be made into a grinder upon request" - we put the cheese on top and put it into the pizza oven.

            1. re: Bigley9

              ah ha! I thought I remembered them from my childhood... good to know! Thanks!

              1. re: nomnomTX85

                so THAT's the difference. I've only been here 5 years, but have only seen grinder on the menu at pizza places. I thought grinders could only be meatball or eggplant parm!

          2. I see grinders on a lot of deli/take out menus, but I'm not entirely sure how it is differnet from a hoagie. Gianna's has some good veggie sandwiches, including:

            Veggie Griller
            Portobello Mushrooms, Grilled Eggplant, Grilled Zucchini & Broccoli Rabe with Cheese

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              I discovered grinders in New England -- I think it's a New England thing.

              1. re: hungry100

                I am from Maine and never heard of grinders until I moved to this area.

                1. re: crazyspice

                  Grinders are a New England thing -- I'm from RI and we only know grinders... if you say "hoagie," everyone will laugh at you.

                  1. re: coastalgypsy

                    Seriously. I moved to CA 28 years ago and had to stop saying grinders and just say subs. Also, had to stop saying the packy, pocketbook, and supper. lol

                  2. re: crazyspice

                    I first encountered the term grinder in Connecticut, when I was in college. I am from the midwest, and had previously known them as subs. Now I call them hoagies. I have learned that around here, adding cheese and heating it up transforms a hoagie into a grinder, but in CT, I am pretty sure that any sandwich on a long roll, hot or cold, was called a grinder.

                      1. re: Hungryin theBurbs

                        Yes - in RI, a grinder is a grinder, regardless of temperature!