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Saigon Deli Express -- SF FiDi Emb Ctr 4

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Looks like it just opened. Three young guys slapping sandwiches together. 11 varieties with various combinations of roast pork, steamed pork, chicken, tofu, meatballs etc., most for about $4. Some spring rolls and a few other specials as well.

I tried the classic combo (roast pork, fancy pork, pickled carrots and daikon, cilantro, cucumber and jalapenos, $4.25)

The good -- nice amount of good quality steamed and roast pork, flavorful pickled carrots, and nice baguette crunchy on the outside and soft inside. The bad -- The baguette could use toasting, the promised cucumbers and cilantro were nowhere to be seen, the pickled carrots & daikon were missing much daikon, and the requested extra heat was added by heaping more jalapenos on rather than Sriracha or another hot sauce.

The verdict -- Not great, but good enough that it will bring me back next week for another try. Not a lot of good banh mi to be add downtown, so if they work the kinks out -- and find those missing ingredients! -- this could be a winner.

Saigon Deli Express
Embarcadero 4 Center
50 Drumm St., SF
(415) 362-1120
M-F 9-4
Sat 10-2

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  1. I thought their bread was too hard and chewy. Also, I asked for "extra hot peppers" on my sandwich and ended up with only 2 meager slices. So much for listening to the customer. I don't think I'll be going back.

    1. Any more reports? The bread did look hard .....

      1. More recent reports? Written up today in the Chron -- I missed this Chowhound post a few months back -- and am quite curious.