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Jul 13, 2009 01:33 PM

New Brazilian Tapas restaurant

I had happy hour Friday at Rio's Brazilian on Trinity and 6th. Great apps and Brazilian drinks. Wanted to share.

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  1. Thanks for the tip. I am intrigued.

    1. do you have a link or anything?
      googling only yielded the rio sauce company i am familiar with through greenling.

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      1. Rio Brazillian Cafe has apparently re-opened as a stand alone restaurant at Pleasant Valley and 4th. CarterB and I went with our respective wives last week. It was my first experience with salgadinhos, which are akin to savory kolaches. I'll concede that I'm no expert on Brazillian cuisine.

        The restaurant is tiny - I think four tables right now - but clean and modern in style. It's a nice unpretentious place to dine in, and several people picked up take-out orders while we were there. They also have a drive through for coffee and breakfast salgadinhos, which I want to try some day.

        The sampler plate came with pairs of several of the salgadinhos, along with yucca fries. This, plus an order of the delicious yucca-root cheese breads, is perfect for 4 people. The Beef Kibe salgadinho was the most complex and delicious, filled with beef tabouli and a hint of mint. Yucca fries were deliciously seasoned but come off a bit pasty. The other salgadinhos we tried - yucca root and gouda, and chicken - were also warm, doughy and delicious.

        It's a pretty limited menu (some salads and the salgadinhos, basically) but a really enjoyable new dining experience.

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          Thanks for the writeup, heyzeus. I think the most disappointing aspect of the meal was the sauces, we sampled all three and I don't really remember any of them.

          I enjoyed all the dishes there and also recommend it for anyone seeking out something different. With Mi Columbia (or is it Casa Columbia--I can't remember the names) and El Zunzal nearby, you have choice of covering Latin America.

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            ate here as well, the sandwich was alright but the salgadinhos are definitely the highlight. havent had their coffee yet

          2. Just a note or two on language: "tapas" don't exist in Brazilian cuisine. Try Spain! Salgadinho is a generic term for savory (salgado=salted) snacks which can range from the fried "pastel" stuffed with cheese or meat, to "coxinhas de galinha" which are formed "thighs" of chopped chicken and breading, to kibbe which is one of the most prevalent snacks in Brazilian "bars" which are basically open to the street cafes serving beer, pinga (cacha├ža), coffee, juices and salgadinhos, among other things.

            For what it's worth, sauces do not constitute a part of the salgadinho experience for the most part....the most common condiment is some sort of red pepper sauce, like Tabasco (often that brand). So whatever sauces they are serving are probably a function of creative license. just sayin'