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Jul 13, 2009 01:28 PM

Elm Street Oyster House

We had dinner the other night at the Elm Street Oyster House. As it happens, we haven't been there in quite some time, but our friends really wanted to go. We had to wait a bit for a table, but it wasn't too bad considering it was a Sat. nite and they don't take reservations. We started out with an assortment of oysters both east coast and west coast. They were fine, but I didnt find the west coast oysters as creamy as I thought they should be. Our waitress couldn't seem to answer any questions about the oysters when we asked before we ordered. And here is where I kind of have an issue- let me preface by saying she was lovely and professional. And, our food was good and the evening was enjoyable. Nothing was wrong, necessarily, but I found it so strange that she couldnt answer a single question about anything when we asked. It wasn't like, " you know, I am a bit new here, so let me ask the chef, or get someone who could better answer that for you." It seemed everything we asked about was met with , " um, I don't know".
Does anyone else find that odd, or annoying?

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  1. The help in definitely an issue there recently. The food has always been top notch. But we've had a couple of waiters who definitely could have used a few more ESL courses. You'd think with the economy the way it is they could find more capable waitstaff.

    1. I find it odd, annoying, rude and unprofessioal. After all it is an Oyster House. I think the waitstaff should be well versed in the entire menu but especially the oysters. Why would you call her professional? IMHO if she was lovely she would of gone and gotten an answer to your question. I would of taken it out of the tip. No way is that professionalism.

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        In thinking about it, GIOny, I think you are right. Professional for an environment such as that is to either be well-versed in the items on the menu, or to find someone who is. And, I was remiss in not insisting on the latter when it was obvious she had no clue. What I should have said was that there was no issue with her politeness, attentiveness, cleanliness, etc..I have certainly experienced problems with all of the above in a number of restaurants! The server was pleasant enough, but really had no idea what was what on the menu for the most part.