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Food Trucks

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What and where are the best and most innovative lunchtime food trucks?

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  1. I'll put a vote in for Papa Perrone's (red sauce Italian fare)


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      Chcek out midtownlunch.com or the list of past Vendy Award nominees and winners http://streetvendor.org/vendys/past and come to this year's Vendy Awards!

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        Good deal, thanks prdct! Love midtownlunch.com and haven't spent much time on streetvendor.org...Great stuff!


    2. Waffles & Dinges
      Treats Truck
      Rickshaw Dumpling Bar (especially when they have the Duck Dumpling special!)
      NYC Cravings truck for Taiwanese Fried Chicken
      Kim's Aunt's Kitchen (maybe not quite a truck) but soo good for fried flounder and rice