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Jul 13, 2009 01:04 PM


When I worked in midtown many years ago I used to enjoy this place frequently for lunch. At the time it was known as one of the better sushi places in the city. Is it still or should I look elsewhere when I return next week?

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  1. Still around, used to go with my Dad (also an East Midtown soldier in a suit :) ) all the time, last time I went was a couple of years ago. As far as I know, still a great spot in Midtown East.

    1. in the 70s and 80s Hatsuhana was always the #1 rated japanese restaurant. Serving mostly japanese clientele and Al Roper. they had 2 restaurants in manhattan the original on 48th and 5th and one on park ave south The head chef at Nobu 57 used to be a chef at hatsuhana. The head chef at the japanese bouley upstairs was the executive chef of all the hatsuhanas including Tokyo, Paris and at that time Chicago (closed)
      The fish is better than ever there, as the fish available these days is far better than what was available 20 years ago. If you go to hatsuhana , and show an appreciation of sushi ,, and talk to the chef you will get an amazing meal. As good as the best in the city now. But I know people who got only a fair meal there because they just ordered a "special" meal or sat at a table. Interaction is important in any sushi restaurant. The fish quality is excellent at Hatsuhana and Japanese clientele still frequent that place. I recommend you go there.

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        I ate there every Wed. night for years starting in 77 and am good friends with Shin. Yasuda was a line chef there starting when he was 18, until he opened his own place.

        I have heard that it has stepped up its game recently. Is Seki still the head chef?

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          Shin used to sometimes eat sushi at Fukuda on Grove st , that became Taka ,,,, ahhhh the good ol sushi days ,,, All in all the the fish is so much better these days,, Interesting about Yasuda , Sushiman, so I guess Yasuda didnt do the 7 year training in Japan. I dont know who the head chef at hatsuhana is these days, But I'm ready to go back and try some sushi,

      2. Hatsuhana is still delish but sometimes hard to get a resie at lunch. Sushi Ann is also very good.

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          We went for my birthday, and it was delicious.

        2. As a Japanese, I can say Hatsuhana is consistently good. But if you want to try another sushi place, I highly recommend Sushiden. Foodwhisperer is right, you can go to the best sushi place and only get a mediocre experience because it's all about the interaction sitting at the sushi counter. At Sushiden (6th avenue location), ask to sit in front of Saitoh-san, the head sushi chef. He is experienced and very friendly. I took my mom there for her birthday and he treated us very well. Sushiden is a Japanese person's Japanese sushi restaurant.

          Hope you enjoy your sushi experience wherever you go.

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            They just moved Nakajima over the the westside and I think that he is the head chef there now.

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              Sushiden is excellent. I enjoy 15 East , the fish is excellent quality and Shimizu-san is a great guy and trained sushi chef. But 15 East is not that good if you dont get served by him.