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Jul 13, 2009 12:05 PM

Best French Toast?

When in Florida recently we had the most delicious french toast. Who does the best in NYC? Am willing to travel to any place in Manhattan.


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    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

      It was quite sweet, was cooked with brown sugar and came with bananas. Not sure what kind of bread it was, sorry.

      1. re: kansel

        If that's the case, then you would LOVE the French toast at The Smith that comes with maple butter and caramelized banana slices:

      2. re: goodhealthgourmet

        sorry i also meant to say i'm looking to go during the week which i guess rules out Jane :(

      3. Do you prefer challah, brioche, some other kind of bread? How thick? What toppings, maple syrup and butter? Or fruit?

        My favorites: Pastis (brioche) or Jane (creme brulee battered). They are very generous with the fruit compote there. Balthazar (brioche) and Blue Ribbon Bakery (challah) are good, too, but Pastis and Jane are better, IMO. Five Points does a nice one but it is often stuffed with something (banana with creme anglaise, pumpkin, etc.) and sometimes the stuffing overwhelms the dish.

        But since you liked your banana and brown sugar french toast, you might really like the Five Points one (stuffed with bananas, creme anglaise on top which tastes a bit like caramel sauce).

        Other hounds like it at Flea Market Cafe, The Smith, Westville East, Craftbar, Good, Extra Virgin, City Bakery, and Landmarc (Tribeca).

        1. blue ribbon bakery is expensive but incredibly simple and head and shoulders above the rest.

          add a side of bacon and yr set through dinner.

          1. For a quick service French toast check out the caramelized French Toast (Brioche) at City Bakery. I love it.

            I also agree with the recommendations, above but thought I should mention City Bakery, as well.

            1. I didn't order them but a companion loved the french toast at Cookshop.

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              1. re: chow_gal

                I thought they were terrible because they use semolina bread in their french toast.