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Jul 13, 2009 12:03 PM


I'm going to Madrid and Barcelona next month and want to have paella but I'm not sure where or in which city. Looking around, it seems that Can Majo and 7 Portes in Barcelona and Restaurante La Barraca and La Buganvilla in Madrid are popular places to go. Can anybody give me a rundown on these places (or suggest a better place)? Thanks!

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  1. All I can tell you is that we greatly enjoyed El Ventorrillo Murciano (C\ Tres Peces 20) not far from La Latina - not touristy, a most pleasant dinner.

    1. Had a paella at La Barraca 2 nights ago. I went for the vallencian verison because I like rabbit, but almost everyone was ordering the seafood ones. Paella seems to be their specialty although I wasn't really blown away and there wasn't a crust on the bottom at all.

      1. Hopefully I am not too late for your trip. In Madrid, I can recommend El Samm. Here are the details: Carlos CaamaƱo, 3 Madrid 28016 Tel: 913453074. I am an ex pat living in Madrid and a couple of friends recommended it and I have been there twice. When you make the reservation, you need to tell them if you want paella (they serve other things as well). It is really quite good and the salad to start was great with potatoes, corn. olives, mayo.