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Jul 13, 2009 11:59 AM

lunch/dinner/cafe near Doubletree off Broad- Downtown Philly

Hi everyone! I am coming back to my birth city for 5 days with my family and we are staying at the doubletree downtown off Broad Street.

I haven't been there since I was 11 so needless to say I don't remember much about the food. My dad grew up there so he will be taking us to his old favorite spots for cheesesteaks, Reading Terminal Market and Merrymeade Farm for ice cream but I wanted to know if anyone had any local suggestions within walking distance of hotel.

All suggestions are welcome, our ages range from 11-52 so nothing like La Croix or La Bec Fin for this trip, something a little more casual with vegetarian or seafood options would be great.

Also, any cafe or bakerys around there? Texas does not know how to do a sticky bun nor do they have Tasty Kakes down here so I need to get in some carby goodness on this trip!

Thank you all for your time! I will try and bring some of our sunny 100 degree weather with me :)

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  1. Just kidding about the weather... looks like yall are having a lot of sunshine there too and 100 degree weather probably sounds pretty horrible to everyone up there!

    1. Here's a couple of ideas for you:

      Capogiro Gelato 13th and Sansom

      More than Just Ice Cream Locust between 11th and 12th...has ice cream, pie, but you can also eat lunch or dinner there

      Please Please don't bring us that weather! We are currently enjoying weather in the low 80s which is just perfect!!

      1. El vez, Jones, and BIndi are all great and easy walking distance from your hotel.

        1. There is a pleasant cafe at Broad and Pine that is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is in the Symphony House condo. The name, which is French, escapes me; I'm sure someone will remember it.

          We like Branzino, an excellent Italian BYOB on 17th Street, just north of Spruce. That is just three blocks away. Open for lunch and dinner. Best to make a reservation.

          There are very good sticky buns at the Reading Terminal Market, made by the Amish. Although the market is open all the time, the Amish farmers are just there from Wednesday through Saturday.

          Although it is a chain, the McCormick and Schmick's on Broad Street across from City Hall has good fresh fish and seafood. Always good oysters, and plentiful platters.

          You are not far from Chinatown. Lee How Fook, on N. 11th Street, is one of our favorites. Vietnam is next door to it. You can browse this Board for other suggestions in Chinatown. Shiao Lang Kun - I'm sure I have not wrong - on Race St. is another favorite. It's fun to walk around Chinatown, especially on Race St. between 8th and 11th.

          Everything is casual this time of year, so you don't have to worry about a "dress-up" place.

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            How fun! I didn't know Philadelphia had a Chinatown, I will look into that. Great suggestions, thank you!

            1. re: nomnomTX85

              Philly does have a Chinatown, and some of the restaurants are great - Rangoon, Lee How Fook, Shiao Lan Kung, etc. (Rangoon is a board favourite and one of the true gems of Chinatown - unique in serving Burmese food.) However, skip Vietnam, Vietnam Palace, and any of the other rec. for Vietnamese food. You're not going to get better in Philly than in Houston.

              Would second Branzino. Philly does red gravy Italian pretty well, so that's one of the must hits on the list, I think. La Viola is another option that's close by.

              Miel is near you (17th, below Walnut) and does some pretty good French pastries. I really like the chocolate croisants.

              Bonte waffles are a yummy treat - the nearest one to you is around 13th and Walnut. Love the waffles with a scoop of ice cream.

              Naked Chocolate (not a fav of mine in the least but is immensely popular with just about everyone else) serves pastries, chocolates, and other treats. I like the hot chocolate quite a bit but don't know that would interest you considering it's summer.

              Last Drop at 13th and Pine serves a great cup of coffee and is nice to sit and people watch (it's right near where all the little bout$iques selling antiques, etc. are).

              Gets no mention on this board ever, but there's a great little crepe place on Sansom, between 17th and 18th, called La Creperie Cafe. It's good, and the people who work there are super nice. It's a good pit stop if you're walking around the Rittenhouse area.

              1. re: Ali

                Thank you! Those all sound really good. All of these suggestions are making me wish I was there for longer than 5 days!

          2. The cafe is called Du Jour and they take reservations. Something for everyone, and you can sit outside, also.