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Jul 13, 2009 11:46 AM

Best Restaurant near Square One?

To celebrate an anniversary, and first time out without our new baby, we're going out for dinner near Square One (which is near the babysitter).

I don't know anything out there - I assume there's a Keg so that's our leading candidate. I don't mind Earl's when I go to Vancouver but probably not what we're looking for this time.

If there are not many options near the mall we could venture down to Port Credit - are there any higher end type patios down there that are worth visiting?

Any help from west-end CHers would be awesome.

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  1. Victor, Happy Anniversary. We aren't fans of patio dining, so I can't help you out on that at all. The Keg disappoints us because we remember how good it used to be. I haven't heard anything good yet about Earl's in Square One. Agreed they are very good out west.

    Dining around Square One is risky with most not being worth a second visit. However there is Grano Ristorante on Enfield Place, just a block south of Square One. It's a very satisfying chef and his wife operated place where they practice genuine hospitality and very competent cooking.

    Our favorite celebration restaurant in Mississauga is Bistro Matisse in Clarkson with excellent genuine French cooking at moderate prices. It gets very busy on weekends but can still be a memorable dining experience. It's about 25 minutes driving from Square One.

    1. There aren't many higher end patios in Port Credit either; there's Breakwater for fine dining, Colossus for Greek, Snug Harbour for terrible food but a really nice patio/view.

      Unfortunately there isn't much in the way of fine dining near Sq One or in Port Credit.

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        I don't think Victor was asking for fine dining. Given that he might settle for The Keg kind of gives me an idea. Don't know about patios but here are a couple of suggestions. One restaurant reasonably close, almost across the street on Burhamthorpe, is ALIOLI. This is a good italian restaurant with a decent wine list. One restaurant we enjoyed many years ago was "On the Corner" literally across from the Bay. Chef Olaf Mertens did a great personalized tasting menu. Finally, if your price point allows, there is a Ruth's Chris Steakhouse also across the street from the Bay.

      2. If you like Indian food, there's The Host. It's right next to Square One.

        1. Depending on your budget, Ruth's Chris restaurant is right in the Square One area (Burnhamthorpe/Hurontario). Another nice restaurant in that area is Canyon Creek Chophouse (near Playdium). If you want something more casual but still nice, there's a Moxie's right in Square One, over by the Old Navy entrance. I haven't been to the Sussex Building across from Square One in a couple of years but there used to be some good restaurants in that complex too.

          Streetsville is approx. a 20 minute drive from Square One and there are some nice restaurants in that area too. The Old Barber House is a solid choice.

          Happy Anniversary!

          1. Please don't go to the Barber House. We went there for our daughters birthday and it was terrible.