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Jul 13, 2009 11:09 AM

Dallas Wedding Emergency! HELP!

The venue where we have booked our wedding reception on July 25 has broken our contract and we have no place for our reception. We are looking for a place near NorthPark for 300 guests. We wanted to have it on top of a nice place. We booked the 34th floor of CityPlace but they renigged. Does anyone have any suggestions? The bride is beside herself!

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  1. Shoot an email to Kristin Hull at DMagazine, she might put up your request on the bridal blog they have over there.

    1. Park City Club. Nice View.

      1. I have been to more than a few receptions at one of the beautiful buildings at fair Park. Sounds hokey, but can be quite oppulant, yet affordable. Hall of States is pretty incredible. Parking is never a problem and security is included (including a mounted officer).

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          1. Don't know what $$$ you're talking about or the availability, but the Dallas Arboretum has several options - indoor and out. It's not "up", but they do have fabulous views of White Rock Lake and if I remember correctly, the Dallas skyline.

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              I second the Arboretum rec, especially since the notice is extremely short. What an awful situation!! I would definitely try to get this situation posted on teh bridal blog so other's may beware. Good luck!