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Jul 13, 2009 10:52 AM

1 lunch and 1 dinner in KCMO

I will be in Kansas City, MO for 2 meals. What are THE best 2 places to take those meals. I have looked through the posts and nothing jumps to the top of the list. Also anything great near the Truman complex?

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  1. Any guidance on what kind of dining experience you're looking for? Price point? Part of town (I assume somewhere around the sports complex)? Cuisine preference?

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    1. re: heatherkay

      Room 39 for lunch and Bluestem for dinner.

    2. You might try Dixon's Chili for lunch - a classic that served Harry Truman. Also Gates BBQ has a location near the Sports Complex.

      1. L.C.s by the stadium is known for the best BBQ burnt ends.

        Bluestem in Westport may be the best gourmet place.

        For a good steak dinner, try J. Gilbert's (may favorite steakhouse) on Metcalf, one of the Hereford House locations(food good, but not very fancy), or Plaza 3 on the plaza(I've never been, but it is famous.)

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        1. re: kctraci

          LC's for BBQ or Peach Tree Buffet for Southern cooking.

          Both have great food, but are not even a little fancy.

          1. re: KansasTravel

            I second the Peach Tree. The blackeyed peas were fantastic this Sunday.

            1. re: Teague

              No one mentioned Arthur Bryants. Have they not lived up to their hype?

              1. re: randyjl

                :) There are lots of differing opinions on AB's. truth be told, yeah, they are mighty tasty and legendary here in KC. The location is a bit off the beaten path (unless you are going to the one at the Legends outlet Mall, in KC,KS)'s not on my BBQ list anymore outside of nostalgia for me...there sauce is super good, though- and can be purchased in any KC grocery store...

                That being said, I am recent convert to Oklahoma Joe's BBQ (named by Tony Bourdain as one the 10 places to eat before you die!). The line is long, it's in a gas station, but I like it....

                1. re: stellamystar

                  My experiences at the Bryant's in the Legends have not been good. I don't think the person running the pit there is as experienced as those at the original or even the casino location.

                  The original location is little more than a mile from downtwown and a quick drive from there.

                2. re: randyjl

                  It's sort of like asking people in Paris where you should go when you're in town. They're in the middle of a discussion with other Parisians about places to eat. They're not going to think to tell you to go to the Eiffel Tower because (a) they assume you already know about it or (b) they don't even see it or think about it any more.

                  That being said, I do like AB's, and it's not hard to get to if you're coming in from Truman Sports Complex. Other BBQ joints that are in the big leagues are Gates (disdained by some foodies, but loved by Kansas City), LC's, and OK Joes. If you're still at the Eiffel Tower stage of visiting Kansas City, you probably need to hit one of those four.

                  1. re: heatherkay

                    Second. I love Gates, myself. The sauce isn't so sweet, which I like. But AB, LC's and OK Joe (and Jack Stack - lamb ribs!!!) are very good BBQ. Just don't go to the OK Joe outpost in Olathe, not as good.

                  2. re: randyjl

                    we like to take out of town guests to AB's and everyone enjoys it - the experience is one of a kind at the original location.