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Jul 13, 2009 10:50 AM

Frank's Deli and Luncheonette, Asbury Park

Finally got around to trying this historical place out. I love the vibe inside, reminds me of White House Subs. Got here at 10:20 am on Saturday. Noticed immediately that every table was taken, it appeared no one was eating except for a small handful of tables, and a lot of take out orders being processed. We had to wait about five minutes for a table. We immediately put our order in and waited. And waited. And waited. We waited almost forty minutes for our food. (Overheard another table say they waited for an hour.)

We had two egg and meat sandwiches with a side of home fries. Now. The food was solid. Probably some of the best eggs I've had at a diner type place in a long time. But that wait? Ehhhh...just not worth it for me. I dont' know why it took so long. I go to diners all the time that have that many customers or more and get my food faster. It's egg sandwiches, should be able to turn out much quicker.

Would I go back? Yes, but not unless it's way earlier than that on a weekend morning. I'd like to try some more things, but when it's less crowded.

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  1. Egg Sandwiches? My vote goes to Pluggy's on Front St. in Union Beach. Bacon, Egg, Cheese & Potato! I haven't been to Frank's since I was in culinary school, we used to skip out at break and go eat cheeseburgers at the counter! I definately have to go check it out again.

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      I'll have to check out Pluggy's. How are the subs?

    2. Frank's is good, but not worth waiting in line for. Only luncheonette type place I'd wait for in our area is In Between..