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Jul 13, 2009 10:43 AM

Birthday location?

Hi all,

My wife (who is from Bay Area) will be turning 40 this August. We do not live in BA, but will be there for the occasion. I would like to find a great place for a party for about 25 people. Can be brunch or dinner, I think a restaurant would work well.

Or, if you can recommend a great caterer/party planner it could be done at her parent's house.

Many many thanks

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  1. For a caterer (if you are willing to spend some serious bucks) I would highly recommend Paula Le Duc catering. They will do a fantastic job. Be aware that with any caterer (even the best which PLD is) you have to be on top of them to get exactly what YOU want, not what they think you want during the planning phase. PLD is extremely good at the execution phase of catering.

    If you want to do it at a restaurant then I'd suggest Perbacco which is in downtown San Francisco.

    230 California St, San Francisco, CA 94111

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      PLD looks great, but a $10,000 minimum is beyond what I had planned for a party of 25, although I would be curious what 400 per person would get you.

      1. re: nbourbaki

        It would get you pretty much everything you need for the party. Place settings, servers, chefs/cooks, table cloths, (possibly tables and chairs). One of the interesting things about a PLD catered party is that if there are apettizers that are walk around any time someone puts down a plate and walks away the staff will pick up the plate within about 30 seconds. You never see empty plates/glasses sitting around at a PLD catered party. It is pretty incredible really.

        Have you checked out my other suggestion, Perbacco? Been a couple of times (including a dinner for about 15) and Perbacco has been very nice every time.